Install and Configure - Reports Scheduler - HT828 - OpenLM Software License Management
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Install and Configure – Reports Scheduler – HT828


The OpenLM Reports Scheduler extension grants you the ability to automatically generate predefined reports at scheduled times and send these reports to predefined recipients by email.

Install and Configure – Reports Scheduler


  • Make sure you have a single OpenLM Server installation on a central network server.
  • Download the latest version of “OpenLM Reports Scheduler”.
  • Place the MSI file on the same server as OpenLM Server.
  • Double click the downloaded MSI file.
  • Click “Next-Next” and approve the terms and conditions.
  • Input your OpenLM Server admin credentials when promped.
  • Close when finished installing.
  • Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenLM\OpenLM Report Scheduler
  • Edit the file
  • Input the following under the mail section:
    • mail.smtp.port=SMTP SERVER PORT
    • mail.smtp.username=SMTP SERVER USER
    • mail.smtp.password=SMTP SERVER PASSWORD
    • mail.smtp.sender=SMTP SERVER EMAIL
    • mail.recipients=RECIPIENTS EMAILS
  • Input the following under the openlm section:
    • (only for versions lower than v1.8) openlm.xml.port=7014
    • openlm.soap.port=7020
    • openlm.login.username=OPENLM SERVER ADMIN USERNAME
    • openlm.login.password=OPENLM SERVER ADMIN PASSWORD
  • Save the file.
  • Open up Windows Services.
  • Restart the OpenLM Reports Scheduler service.
  • Open the OpenLM User Interface –> Start –> Administration –> Email/SMS window –> Email tab –> Input SMTP server details.
  • Schedule a report by clicking the share –> Schedule button in every report filter of OpenLM.
  • View scheduled tasks by clicking Start –> Scheduling Tasks.
  • See the Reports of OpenLM.
  • Continue with configuring other OpenLM Extensions.
  • Also see full documentation


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