Monitoring licenses in a Linux / Unix environment - KB4101 - OpenLM Software License Management
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Monitoring licenses in a Linux / Unix environment – KB4101

OpenLM provides a comprehensive management solution for license management software such as FlexLM (Flexnet), Sentinel RMS (Aspentech SLM), DSLS etc.

OpenLM Server

The OpenLM Server is the core element of the OpenLM system. It integrates the functionality of all other peripheral system components, such as the OpenLM EasyAdmin, OpenLM Agent, and OpenLM Broker. The OpenLM Server is implemented as a Windows service and can be installed on any Windows’ network machine. In order to monitor Linux / Unix license servers, the OpenLM Broker must be installed on those servers:

Installing the OpenLM Server

Please refer to this document for information on how to install and configure the OpenLM Server. Information on OpenLM configuration per license server type is found here.

OpenLM Broker

The Broker’s main tasks are to:

  • Query License usage information locally on the License Manager machine. Push this information to the OpenLM server.

  • Access license servers files such as FLEXLM Options files, license files and debug logs, and forward their information to the OpenLM Server

Installing the OpenLM Broker on Unix/Linux platforms:

1. Please go over the installation prerequisites for the OpenLM Broker.

2. Download the Broker for Unix/Linux from the OpenLM version 3.0 section. Get the openlmbroker_<versionr>.tar.gz file (e.g.: openlmbroker_3.0.0.4.tar.gz).

3. cd to the folder that contains the setup file.

4. type sudo tar xvf <path to .tar.gz file> . This will extract the file to the current directory, creating the Openlm\Broker folder.

5. cd to newly created Openlm folder and give (read | write | execute) permissions to the broker folder and all its sub folders: sudo chmod -R 777 broker

6. cd to the broker folder, and run the configuration tool by typing:

java -jar BrokerConfigurator.jar -setup . The configuration tool GUI application opens.

7. Run the “OpenLM Broker” by typing:

java -jar OpenLMBroker.jar start broker.xml

Do not close the console.

In order to uninstall the OpenLM Broker in a Unix/Linux environment, simply delete the Broker folder.

Configuring the OpenLM Broker

Please refer to this document for information on how to configure the OpenLM Broker to query the license server and interface the OpenLM Server.

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