Why OpenLM? - OpenLM Software License Management
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Why OpenLM?

At each step in the process of creating a unique license management platform, OpenLM brings together its unique know-how and expertise with state-of-the-art methods and proprietary software components.

These are our main advantages over the competition:

Winning combination of quality and price. OpenLM is the only real alternative to Flexera’s “FlexNet Manager for engineering Applications” which is both highly robust AND extremely cost-effective.

Exclusive technological commitment to you. Unlike other companies that offer license management solutions, we are not committed to any software vendors – ensuring you the best results.

Unique proprietary technology. Unlike other solutions, our ProActiveManagement™ platform enables the identification and termination of idle open sessions in real time, in order to enhance corporate productivity and improve license utilization.

Unique features and software extensions. OpenLM offers capabilities that no other license management software has, such as dedicated active agents, advanced routing capabilities, free license parsing service, automatic Options file maintenance, “unmanaged” licenses monitoring, superior administrative capabilities through the OpenLM Broker, and more.

The right experience. OpenLM was designed by CAD and GIS veterans for CAD and GIS users and managers. Since 2007, we do our very best to understand and remain flexible to our customers’ changing needs, and update our platform according to their valuable feedback.

Superior customer service and technical support. We consider it of utmost importance to make every effort to keep our customers satisfied. Our professional technical support and sales teams will always provide you quick and efficient service whenever you needed.

100% happy customer guarantee. We guarantee that OpenLM will enable you to save at least 15% on your engineering software license expenses. If you are not 100% happy with our solution within a month, you do not have to pay us.

We Offer a 30 day fully supported evaluation