Application Note (3025) OpenLM v2.0: OpenLM Database Configuration Form - OpenLM Software License Management
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OpenLM software supports the use of leading database systems as its storage base. The OpenLM Server is configured by default to use the FireBird embedded DB. It could also be configured to use MS SQL Server  database which is very popular in organizations.

In this guide we will explain the different options available in the OpenLM Database Configuration, follow this path, Start → Programs →  OpenLM →  Server →  OpenLM Database configuration.

Firebird Embedded Database

This is the default option. OpenLM is using an embedded FireBird database.

The DB file is stored under the server installation folder.

Using the form, the user can set the location of the database by moving the DB file and changing the defined path. The form also enables the user to change the “user/password” according to what is defined in the database itself.

Firebird external DB configuration

OpenLM can be configured to use Firebird Server database (not embedded). The use of Firebird as an external DB allows the company to get a much better performance and the ability to access the information while OpenLM Server is using it.

The use of Firebird Server requires the installation and configuration of Firebird server. On the OpenLM external DB configuration form, we need to uncheck the Embedded (see figure below) option and apply.

Oracle external DB configuration

The use of the Oracle database usually requires the services of an Oracle DBA to create a dedicated OpenLM schema in Oracle. The Oracle DBA uses the DDL (Database Definition Language) scripts provided by OpenLM.

After generating the schema and the creation of the dedicated user for OpenLM with access to this schema, the information can be typed into OpenLM Database Configuration form.

Server Name –The Oracle Server Name.

User ID – The username of OpenLM Server.

Password The OpenLM user password.


1. The OpenLM Server version uses MS-ADO drivers to connect to Oracle. This requires the installation of the Oracle Client version 8.1.7 or above on the OpenLM server machine.

2. Both Oracle DB versions 10i & 11g have been tested, and are supported.

3. Only in version 11g,  the statement : set define off must be added at the top of the oracle DDL script provided by OpenLM.

Note: As of 01.09.2018 OpenLM does not support Oracle Database. 

SQL Server

The Microsoft SQL Server is very popular in organizations and can be easily configured to work with OpenLM.

The SQL Server DBA needs to use OpenLM DDL (Database Definition Language) scripts in order to create a dedicated OpenLM DB in SQL.

Using the MS SQL Server, OpenLM supports two authentication methods, that could be set according to the requirement of the organization:

  • SQL Server Authentication.
  • Windows Authentication.


Server Name – The SQL Server name.

Database Name –  The name of the OpenLM Database (Usually OpenLM is a good option).


Server – The SQL Server name.

Database name –  The name of the OpenLM Database (Usually OpenLM is a good option).

User ID – The user with permissions on OpenLM database.

Password – The OpenLM User password as defined in MS SQL Server.


Similar to the above, OpenLM also supports the usage of MySQL databases.

Select ‘MySql’ in the drop-down menu, type in the required credentials and employ the MySQL database on your system