Application Note (4100) OpenLM v3.0: OpenLM Quick Installation Guide - OpenLM Software License Management
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 Thank you for your inquiry into the OpenLM 3.0 product. We are sure you’ll be pleased with the features and services provided. The following steps will take you through a Quick Installation process.

Step 1: Installation

The OpenLM System components are available for download by clicking HERE.


Registration: This is a fully functional download version for a 30 day trial period. Please contact to obtain a license file to register the software within the trial period.


There are four components to download. The OpenLM Server v2.0, the OpenLM Broker v2.0, the OpenLM Agent v2.0, and the External Database DDL Scripts.

The OpenLM Server is the core element of the OpenLM system. It integrates the functionality of all other peripheral system components, i.e.: OpenLM EasyAdmin, Agent, Alerts, Server, and Broker.


Note: The OpenLM Server is implemented solely as a Windows service and can be installed on any network machine.

When downloading is complete, double click the downloaded *.msi file and follow the standard installation instructions.

Step 2: Configuring License Servers

Once the installation is complete, click:

Windows’ Start → All Programs → OpenLM → Server → OpenLM Server Configuration

The OpenLM Server configuration window opens.

a. Add in your license servers:

  • Click the Add button

  • Type in the License server’s host name or IP (e.g. Server2012x64) and Port number (e.g. 27000)

  • Select the new License server’s type (e.g. FlexLM)

  • Type in an informative name (e.g. “Server2012”)

  • Select the license server’s time zone (e.g. UTC+2:00)

The image below demonstrates this configuration:

b. Select a license server and click the check button in order to ensure that OpenLM can retrieve information from that license server. This information is the input received from the License manager.

c. Repeat steps a & b for all license servers.

d. Click Apply and from the pop-up screen Restart now.

Step 3: The OpenLM EasyAdmin Interface

The EasyAdmin web application is the main OpenLM Administrative and user interface.

You can find it on:

Windows’ Start → All Programs → OpenLM → OpenLM EasyAdmin2.

The OpenLM EasyAdmin opens. Click the EasyAdmin y3 button  to explore this application’s features.

For more information o the OpenLM EasyAdmin interface, please refer to this document.