Interfacing the LS-DYNA License Manager - AN3001t - OpenLM Software License Management
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Interfacing the LS-DYNA License Manager – AN3001t


OpenLM is a license management and monitoring system for a wide variety of Network license types, such as Flexera FLEXnet Publisher (FLEXlm) and Sentinel RMS. As part of milestone version 3.0, OpenLM has been enhanced to support the LS-DYNA license manager as well.


LS-DYNA is a finite element simulation tool, produced by LSTC: Livermore Software Technology Corporation. LS-DYNA accommodates a serie of peripheral tools such as LS-OPT, LS_PREPOST, LS_TASC and THUMS. Together they comprise a wide variety of applicable physics simulation subjects, from fluid dynamics to car safety. LS-DYNA’s proprietary license manager controls the deployment of network licenses for the different LS-DYNA features. OpenLM provides a clear method of viewing the current utilization of LS-DYNA licenses, as well as accumulating license usage statistics and patterns, and manage idle licenses.

OpenLM Server configuration

In order to configure OpenLM to monitor an LS-DYNA License Manager, The OpenLM Server must be configured as follows:

On the “License servers” tab

  • Click ‘Add’
  • Set the LM Type to LS-DYNA
  • Set the License server’s Time zone (e.g.: UTC+2)
  • Type in the Hostname (e.g. lsdyna_srv) or IP of the LS-DYNA License server.
  • Type in the LS-DYNA port number (By default this is 31010).
  • Click ‘Apply’ and then “Restart later”


On the “LM tools” tab

  • Copy lstc_qrun.exe and lstc_qkill.exe files to a folder located on the OpenLM Server machine.
  • Fill in their respective location, as depicted in the image below.
  • Click ‘Apply’ and then “Restart now”


That’s it.

You should now be fine to monitor your LS-DYNA licenses with OpenLM; Open the EasyAdmin web application to produce real time and historical usage reports.