OpenLM Broker Quick Reference Guide v2.0 - AN3004a - OpenLM Software License Management
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OpenLM Broker Quick Reference Guide v2.0 – AN3004a


The OpenLM Broker is an optional though highly recommended component. It needs to be installed on the License server, to provide accurate license statistics, and facilitates communication between the OpenLM Server and the License Manager.

This document is a quick guide for basic installation and configuration of the OpenLM Broker. It does NOT include all the functions available on the Broker. For more comprehensive information, please refer to the OpenLM Broker Comprehensive installation Application note.


Why install the OpenLM Broker on the License server machine ?

  1. The OpenLM Broker is capable of reading local files, and propagating their information to the OpenLM Server. This includes the License servers’ License file(s), Options files and debug log files.

  2. The OpenLM Broker facilitates management and automated editing of Options files.

  3. It provides enhanced connectivity and data buffering between the License server and the OpenLM server machines.

  4. It also provides additional information, such as license denial reports.

OpenLM Broker – Installation Guide

The OpenLM System components are available for download on the OpenLM site. After filling in a username and email, the user will be directed to the download section. Select the OpenLM Version 2.0 section.


  1. In order to install the OpenLM Broker module on a Windows platform license server:

  2. Please go over the installation prerequisites for the OpenLM Broker on the OpenLM site.

  3. Download the OpenLM Broker for windows from the OpenLM version 2.0 section (see above), and follow the installation instructions.

  4. When installing a Broker on a 64bit Windows system, with a JRE version for 64bit installed, the following “Browse for Folder” window appears:


Please select the jre7 (or higher) folder, not the bin folder and click OK. When the installation procedure is finished,  the configuration tool window will open. This tool automatically detects the settings of FlexLM license managers installed on the machine.

Unix / Linux

For Unix / Linux installation – please refer to the Comprehensive Broker guide.

OpenLM Broker Download Process

  1. At the top of our homepage , select the Download tab.


  1. Click the OpenLM Broker for Windows button


3. The downloading process will commence. Following, click Yes.


  1. Click Next

  2. q3



  1. Click Next


  1. Click Next


  1. Installation is Complete. Click Finish


Opening the OpenLM Broker

  1. From the Start Menu, select Programs. Select the OpenLM folder, proceed to open the Broker folder and then Click OpenLM Broker Configuration Tool.


  1. Proceed to the configuration of the OpenLM Broker


Adding an OpenLM server:

The OpenLM Broker is installed on the license server. It must be configured to communicate with the OpenLM server.

1. Mark the “OpenLM Servers” directory icon.

2. Click the green “Add” icon

3. Select “OpenLM Server” from the selection list.

4. Configure the OpenLM Server’s parameters. The main parameters are:

  • OpenLM Server: The server’s name or IP address .

  • Port: The OpenLM port dedicated for the Broker (7016 by default).

5. Click the “Check connectivity to OpenLM Server” button to performs a connectivity check.

6. Click ‘Apply’ to save the information entered, and “Restart Broker” button.


Adding a license server

The Broker connects to license server ports, and conveys license usage information to the OpenLM license server. Upon first startup, the Broker configuration tool automatically detects FlexLM License Managers on the host machine, and displays a list of these license managers under the “License Servers” folder on the left pane. In order to add a license server manually, please do the following:

  1. Select “License Servers” on the left side of the screen.

  2. Click the “Add” button. A drop-down list appears.

  3. Type in and enter the hostname or IP of the new License Server. Make sure the hostname or IP as configured on the OpenLM Server Configuration tool and on the Broker configuration tool are the same. See Below.


License manager port:

  1. Click on the “Port” under the new License Server key symbol. The “License Manager Port” form appears.

  2. Fill in the License manager port parameters:

  • Port Number: This Number is the same as the one configured in the “OpenLM Server Configuration Window”, under the “License Servers” tab.

  • License Manager Type: Type of License server (e.g.: FLEXlm, IBM LUM, LM-X,RLM, HASP, RMS, DSLS, MathLM, Other ).

Broker indications in the EasyAdmin web application

  • Open the EasyAdmin web application.

  • Click EasyAdmin Start →  Management → License servers. The “License Servers” window appears. Verify that the configured license managers appear on the list.

  • A green circle node indicates an active connection to a license server.

  • Click the ‘+’ icon to expand the server indicator and view Broker related information. A correct configuration should present an “All green” indication, as depicted below. In case of other (error) indications, please refer to the OpenLM Broker Comprehensive installation Application note.


Further reading

This concludes the brief OpenLM Broker guide. For more information on the different Broker capabilities and configurations, please refer to the following documentation:

Application Note (3000) OpenLM v2.0: OpenLM system structure overview

Application Note (3004b) OpenLM v2.0:  OpenLM Broker Comprehensive Installation Guide

Application Note (3007): OpenLM v2.0: Option File Using OpenLM Easy Admin