OpenLM Agent Silent Installation - AN4023 - OpenLM Software License Management
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OpenLM Agent Silent Installation – AN4023


The OpenLM Agent is OpenLM’s end-user tool for monitoring license consumption and obtaining an overview on the status of available licenses. This post elaborates the silent install and uninstall commands for the OpenLM Agent Software


Silent installation” is a form of software installation that does not display messages during its progress. This type of installation is specifically required for client applications such as the Active Agent, which need to be dispatched over a large number of workstations. The Active Agent silent installation utility facilitates installation of the Active Agent on client PCs, without showing user interfaces and without requiring user interaction, meaning there is no  “next→next→…→finish” procedure.

The Silent installation process:

1. Download the OpenLM Agent from the OpenLM site.

2. Run the silent install / uninstall procedure through a command line (with administrator rights) as elaborated below.

Download and install the OpenLM Agent

The OpenLM Agent is available on the Downloads section on the OpenLM site. Be aware that OpenLM Agent versions prior to 1.8 had two flavors: the Utilizer Agent and the Active Agent. Starting from OpenLM version 1.8 there was a unification of the two, and only a single agent exists, the OpenLM Agent.

Deployment via Group Policy Object (GPO)

For deploying the OpenLM Agent via GPO and setting installation parameters, please take a look at this article: OpenLM in the Enterprise – A brief how-to customize your OpenLM deployment via GPO (2023a)

Silent Uninstall


Open a command line prompt as an administrator, and enter the following command line:

msiexec /x  <Product code> /quiet.


  • Replace the product code, with the relevant product code as described in the section “OpenLM Product Code”.

  • The parameter /x uninstalls a product.


Silently uninstall version OpenLM agent version 1.7.0

msiexec /x {E1E35EA8-6C9E-458E-8902-E36474186B14} /quiet

Silent Install

Command Format

msiexec  /I  <msi installation file path> /quiet /norestart  <parameters>

Command Parameters


OpenLM server name.


OpenLM server port number.

Note:  OpenLM server port is set to 7012 by default.


The OpenLM License Manager server in the App Manager tab.

Note: the default value is: localhost.


The OpenLM License Manager Port.

Note: the default value is: 27080


False: Hides OpenLM Agent icon from the user. (This option is not recommended)

True : Show the notification icon at the taskbar.

Note: SHOW_NOTIFICATION_ICON is true by default.


recommended logging level: Error

Note: ERROR_LEVEL is set to ERROR by default.


Specify the root destination directory for the installation.

Note: if no destination is specified, the default root destination directory is:

“C:\Program Files\OpenLM\OpenLM Agent”.


Shutdown the Active Agent automatically when an application is monitored as inactive for a certain period of time. this period is defined in the INACTIVITY_TIME parameter.

Note: SHUT_WHEN_NOT_ACTIVE is false by default.


Inactivity time in seconds. Meaningful only when SHUT_WHEN_NOT_ACTIVE = true


Choose the OpenLM language and direction format.

Possible values: ”en-US”(English) ”ru-RU”(Russian) ”es-ES”(Spanish) ”de-DE”(German) ”fr-FR”(French)

”zh-CHS”(Chinese) “pt-BR”(Portuguese).

Note: LANG is set to “en-US” (English) by default.


This parameter configures the timeout for an OpenLM Server request towards the OpenLM Agent. In certain cases this period needs to be extended beyond the default value (120 seconds for version, 45 seconds before that version). Such has been the case for customers who applied the “Suspend and Resume” to certain FlexLM controlled applications.

Installing OpenLM Active Agent extensions:

OpenLM is capable of retrieving licenses from idle applications by either one of two methods: “Suspend and Resume” or “Save and Close”. OpenLM Extensions are software modules that enable OpenLM to provide dedicated services to specific software applications. They facilitate idle license retrieval through the “Save and Close” method. Please consult the OpenLM support page for information on supported applications.


1: Install the ArcGIS extension.

0: Do NOT install the ArcGIS extension.


1: Install the AutoCAD extension.

0: Do NOT install the AutoCAD extension.


1: Install the Matlab extension.

0: Do NOT install the Matlab extension.


1: Install the Solidworks extension.

0: Do NOT install the Solidworks extension.


1: Install the ArcGISPRO extension.

0: Do NOT install the ArcGISPRO extension.


1. If OpenLM ascertains that an application (e.g.: ArcGIS) had been installed on a workstation, the respective extension (e.g. ArcGIS extension) will also be installed on the same workstation by default.

2. Extensions will not be installed in case the respective application is not installed, regardless of their respective installation flags.



This plugin enables selecting the ArcGIS  license level to ArcInfo/ ArcEditor/ ArcView. This plugin is relevant only for ArcGIS users.

1: Install the Plugin.

0: Do NOT install the Plugin.

Note: The Plugin is installed by default.


Installing Proactive license management extensions:

OpenLM now presents the capability of directly intervening in the process of license drawing. We call this the “OpenLM Proactive Application Manager”.

In order to deploy this capability through silent installation, the following flags should be used:


1: Enable proactive license management by the OpenLM proactive license management component. Install the proactive license management Windows service.

0 (Default): Do NOT enable proactive license management by the OpenLM proactive license management component. Do NOT install the proactive license management Windows service.


1: Activate the proactive license management component

0 (Default): Do NOT activate the proactive license management component

The configuration of OpenLM’s proactive application management is saved on the products.xml file. By default, this file is created as an empty file in the Agent’s directory during installation. It is possible to refer all deployed OpenLM Agents to a shared products.xml file on the organizational network. In order to do so, the following flags should be used:

PRODUCTS_XML_PATH: The full path to the said products.xml file, enclosed in quotation marks. This could be a local path, or a UNC path, e.g.:

“\\ServerName\Shared folder\OpenLM\products.xml”

UNC_USER_NAME: The username of an account that is authorized to access (read/write) the said products.xml file

UNC_PASSWORD: Password of the said UNC_USER_NAME username.

 Example 1

Install the Agent version on OpenLM Server, hide the notification icon, and set the logging level to ERROR:

msiexec  /I  “C:\tmp\openlm_agent_win_2005.msi”/quiet /norestart SERVERNAME= SHOW_NOTIFICATION_ICON=false ERROR_LEVEL=ERROR

Example 2

Install the Agent version on OpenLM Server olm_server, with a server port 7777, set the language to German, and the logging level to ALL.

msiexec  /I   “C:\tmp\openlm_agent_win_2005.msi” /quiet /norestart SERVERNAME=olm_server SERVERPORT=7777 ERROR_LEVEL=ALL LANG=de-DE

Example 3

Install the Agent release version on the localhost machine. Shutdown the Active automatically when an application is monitored as inactive for 20 minutes. Specify the root destination directory for the installation to be “D:\program files\OpenLM\OpenLM Agent”, and install the AutoCad, ArcGIS and Matlab extensions .

msiexec  /I   “C:\tmp\openlm_agent_win_2005.msi” /quiet /norestart SERVERNAME=localhost SHUT_WHEN_NOT_ACTIVE=true INACTIVITY_TIME=20 TARGETDIR=D:\program files\OpenLM\OpenLM Agent INSTALL_AUTOCAD=1 INSTALL_ARCGIS=1 INSTALL_MATLAB=1

Installation codes

Up to Ver 1.5.0 {ADF83757-EF49-474B-9A9B-BAC16E95BBB0}

1.5.1 {158B8FDC-A6A3-417B-BED1-51822C01EBAA} {DC307335-161B-4FE9-95E6-BAB3DBEFCD19} {51D28FA0-0AAB-4878-BCAD-48F2655F5785}

1.5.2 {EFD61272-3D32-40FB-965A-B1D2F65117FE}

1.5.3 {28D31048-EFA6-4B70-827A-D693FF616435}

1.5.4 {6E1E935C-A530-4D43-A4E3-9DCA859C03C6}

1.5.5 {D4B11740-016C-4F4F-936A-F5C4B2F381D2}

1.5.6 {C4A40345-6F9F-4D46-A5B1-BE06EF9A2C69}

1.6.0 {C6AED4C5-BC00-408F-B596-D3203C30A095} {E29A0775-1F39-41FE-A2FC-A61F049D3C16} {2E53D661-F6DD-45F6-83FF-F7ED3C5DEE34} {5087491B-BE3E-489C-BAA7-60A99C851AA5} {433F7B75-3913-4806-80EF-EC47A157BA6D} {2EBF7B7D-E51E-49BB-A2E1-33D7098F145D} {EE4B5821-F849-426A-914F-8DADBAB0F0B0} {2068A4E8-DDC4-4CBD-AEAB-3471A3AE7A5B} {E1E35EA8-6C9E-458E-8902-E36474186B14} {23654FAD-0160-4B49-907A-3C29E31083DA} {375F711D-89CB-4686-81AB-0B996055215D} {CC189C5C-86C3-450F-A701-60EC94E20CB4} {CE361C51-90B9-4D26-95F9-7508EAC3C104} {B0CF2536-B47E-4E7D-ADAE-905A0BC956A4} {9699D6AB-AB79-4723-9F4D-0D8B1EADF508} {AB1842F3-3125-494E-B511-90AF0298E633} {50451FB5-62E0-4AFA-B29D-F200927B7CA2} {F3897924-FBA8-413C-8FF8-19E79AABCD91} {BFF011FA-400F-49BA-939D-8371D77B4D8F} {3907B126-9813-431E-8551-D71654C19FFA} {589F8ED3-3A85-4637-9FB8-CE5DF8014359} {E38372D4-03BE-4E7F-BC2E-A965F7DCE096} {8E4FA5AE-BEBE-4CEB-93D9-819EBCB9CBD6} {9F94283F-134A-42BE-81A0-D19AB739023C} {750356B0-8AED-452A-9469-CE3403AAA811} {5AE195DC-F4F4-4F42-9970-4CB318354842} {5AB1E42D-B6D7-4D52-9333-2742E3722E9F} {BA4DC7BF-BD04-4392-B253-195C2844E1CB} {5EBDABA0-CED9-4A61-915D-32163EBE6CDE} {F8E31F11-D670-488D-B42D-700D66DF16F3} {4C28F6F0-AF2A-48FC-B543-471812760832} {96850E73-8302-4AC2-8C63-B778317E62EF} {CDF797D7-7187-4264-B4BD-4D16C91297EE} {5D127FF0-1627-4B9E-8DBC-3D091AC57694} {009E8206-DC8E-44F7-AE2C-5500FA9D6099} {75088694-8C78-4EB2-9D38-733493C2F3CB} {1EE2BD62-ED44-4514-9BD1-A6BFA22764A8} {BEC89CCE-665A-4C1E-A55F-0698808CA852} {82A28077-6C19-44FF-8493-9897B0CD29D1} {758BDCF9-103D-4855-A60F-219D039D8D47} {8F196DFB-C72E-4CC6-9EBA-4BABFB165882} {16B64306-B2E8-4474-A1A4-2BBF551B4FFD} {5DB5B360-3004-4E0A-8940-B012B6F928F8} {63C4F320-8D7F-440A-90A9-0C9BE70987F9} {2B142FE3-351D-46F2-A2B1-B4656075E9FF} {EEDE2844-1B73-40A1-BF7F-971B36628C60} {188F60A5-9CCC-4E09-9B26-13959869F6C5} {1A3A3808-04D3-4249-AE1A-08BF24429320} {B02B87BA-D84A-4631-AA66-228AA0FBC679} {5893ED11-AED2-418A-B6AC-B896AE82F053} {92B07D63-F169-4C3B-BBFC-4E884A289030} {30795BC6-23F8-40CE-9DAA-5A62CFD0856D} {4050B24F-ABCD-4766-9C86-F0E3379A1FD3} {87CD3491-C367-4A7B-A8AC-A2191217279C} {C91F656D-ECFD-4E22-A5C5-19234286059E} {43F66CFE-9D48-4DDD-9E0A-0C5DA0A32DB6} {822FDAF1-8F2A-45D6-94C2-B2E87C5102DA} {2D5F1CFC-205D-4921-8FE8-66A3D37F8F42} {06D4EA84-4F3F-4F47-846C-6CDD8D057E7E} {CEEA2DC9-1A34-41B8-969C-9C93CD9DA147} {B3333146-DFE5-46D7-9A89-29EA66EE1929} {1C4014A8-D067-4C37-92CC-A5D0BA30BEA0} {FE6DC201-E7E1-41BE-AADD-02F0F80C9C46} {12A14EA5-A57B-4BAE-A7A3-18AF4524D1EE} {130AC349-6671-4AEC-816A-CBA0195D7765} {F90459B7-3721-4E24-AA29-079AEAE05EBB} {DEE9C7C3-8C6F-4E9B-BFB3-316A0E6DAFD1} {C5D521A7-923D-40F8-97E5-6AA17DDA6127} {E6DF2612-ABF8-49F2-B91D-6A120E01313D} {45002BB9-2960-4B28-9340-E7E4B3492833} {34ABBABF-E1AC-4CF9-9F38-1E49853CF0C3} {13C06F6A-4F4B-4140-92F3-48AA92996D9D} {05103798-CCD4-4E3F-9879-806F76F2D7E5} {1E7B46ED-4482-46B8-B0F8-C8F3B63571C9} {5A05D447-8706-4114-A08B-CD27A7DE308A} {2001FCFF-FEBB-4956-9B30-05DE67955E2C} {BF1E47FB-70D9-477A-8F70-C93DB1A555C0}