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Interfacing the License4J License Manager – AN3001n


OpenLM version 2.0 supports license monitoring of a wide, and ever growing variety of license managers

This application note elaborates the steps required to configure OpenLM to interface the License4J License Manager, and obtain reliable license reports and usage statistics. This capability is available for License4J version 4.3.4 onward.

An add-on for OpenLM is required, it can be dowloaded from:

OpenLM Server configuration

In order to configure OpenLM to monitor a License4J License Manager, The OpenLM Server must be configured as follows:

  1. Launch the OpenLM Server and open the License Server tab

  2. Click Add

  3. Set the LM Type to OpenLM Generic

  4. Set the License server’s Time zone (e.g.: Central Time)

  5. Type in the Hostname (e.g. License4J_lm) or IP of the License4J License server

  6. We recommend using the default port for License4J (16090). Note that the same Port will need to be used in the OpenLM Broker configuration as well (see below)


  1. Clear OpenLM Server remotely queries license manager

  2. Click Apply and then Restart now


OpenLM Broker Configuration

Please refer to the Application Note (3004b) OpenLM v2.0: Broker Comprehensive Installation Guide for specific Broker configuration

  1. Go to Commands→ status . Insert the following command in both identically:   “java -jar <Fullpath>\FloatingLicenseServerQueryOpenLM.jar ServerNameOrIP:PortNumber”.

  2. Go to Commands→ data_inquiry . Insert the following command in both identically:   “java -jar <Fullpath>\FloatingLicenseServerQueryOpenLM.jar ServerNameOrIP:PortNumber”

  3. Click  Execute to check the operation of the Data Inquiry

  1. Click Apply and then Restart Broker

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