Working with Unmanaged licenses - AN4035 - OpenLM Software License Management
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Working with Unmanaged licenses – AN4035

OpenLM supports the management and monitoring of a variety of license manager types, such as Flexera FlexLM, DSLS and Sentinel RMS.

Since version 2.0, OpenLM has taken this ability one step forward: we have added the possibility of monitoring “unmanaged” software applications.

How is this done?

  • A process running on the PC is manually added through an interface in EasyAdmin.

  • The OpenLM Agent (installed on end-users’ workstations) reports the processes’ activity to the OpenLM Server.

  • The OpenLM Server is updated and presents usage information in EasyAdmin as well as in the OpenLM Agent “License usage information” window (see below):

Step by Step:

Every Software feature is run as a process on your PC, in order to locate it:

1. Make sure the application you want to monitor is up and running.

2. Click Windows’ Start → All Programs → OpenLM → Agent →Tools → Process List. The list of processes running on your PC is displayed

3. Identify the process that is used by the application feature you want to monitor

4. On the EasyAdmin web application click ‘Start’ → ‘Administration’ → “Unmanaged Processes”

5. In the “Unmanaged Processes” window click the “Add Vendor” icon to add the Vendor to the list of monitored vendors.

6. The Add Vendor Popup opens:

Insert Values as follows:

6a. Type in the software vendor name:  The Vendors name

6b. Feature Name: this is a free text field

6c. Process Name: Type in the Process name exactly (Case sensitive !) as shown in the previously opened Process list.

6d. Description: this is a free text field

Additional features may be added to the monitored vendor using the green “Add” button on bottom of the “Unmanaged Processes” window.

After the Process is configured to be monitored, it will appear on all relevant EasyAdmin Windows as well as on the OpenLM Agent “License usage” window.