Interfacing the DSLS license manager - AN4001c - OpenLM Software License Management
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Interfacing the DSLS license manager – AN4001c


This application note elaborates the steps required to configure OpenLM to interface the DSLS license manager, to monitor license usage and obtain license usage statistics.

There are two options to query the License Server:

  1. Directly query the license server from the OpenLM Server. This method only provides license usage information.
  2. Query the license server locally by the OpenLM Broker and propagate the information back to the OpenLM Server. This option may provide additional information, such as license denials and offline (borrowed) licenses.

Option One: OpenLM Server Method

Enabling the OpenLM server to work with DSLS:

In order to configure OpenLM to work with DSLS, follow these procedures:

  1. Select the ”LM Tools” tab, located on the left side.
  2. Select the DSLS tab.
  3. Either copy or install the DSLS Client folder to “C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenLM\OpenLM Server\LM”.
  4. Type in the full path of the executable file, i.e.: “C:\Program Files\OpenLM\OpenLM Server\LM\DSLicSrv.exe” in the ”DSLS executable file” text box.
  5. Click Apply.

Introducing a new DSLS server

After configuring the OpenLM configuration tool to work with DSLS as described above, introduce a new DSLS server under the License Servers tab:

  1. Select the License Servers tab
  2. Click Add
  3. From the Type drop-down menu, select DSLS
  4. Insert a descriptive name in the Description text box (e.g. “CATIA license server”)
  5. Set the Timezone to where the License Server physically resides
  6. Submit an appropriate Hostname and Port numbers (dsls_license_server_1 and 4084 respectively)
  7. “Is Triad Configuration”: This configuration is reserved for FlexLM license managers only. Keep it unchecked.
  8. “OpenLM Server remotely queries license manager” check box:
  • Checked (Default): The OpenLM Server actively queries the license manager. In this configuration, the check box needs to remain checked.
  • Unchecked: Usage information is obtained solely by the OpenLM Broker installation on the License manager machine.
  1. Certain DSLS servers may require password protection. Apply the password at this time
  2. Click Apply, and then consecutively the Restart now button. The DSLS server is now ready to interface with OpenLM

Option Two: via Broker



OpenLM Server configuration for DSLS

The OpenLM Server configuration will be exactly the same as performed in the previous method, i.e. without the Broker, except that the

OpenLM Broker configuration for DSLS

The OpenLM Broker is an optional though highly recommended component, that should be installed and configured on the DSLS license manager machine. It provides:

  • Accurate license statistics
  • Facilitates communication between the OpenLM Server and the License manager
  • Provides additional information such as license denials and license borrowing (‘offline’ licenses).

1. Download and install the latest OpenLM Broker version. Follow the installation instructions on the OpenLM Broker Application Note.

2. Configure The OpenLM Broker to interface the license server and the OpenLM Server:

2a. The license server name and port number should be configured exactly as they were on the OpenLM Server configuration tool (i.e.: dsls_license_server_1 and 4084 respectively)

2b. The OpenLM hostname and port (e.g. OpenLM_Server and the default 7016)

2c. The vendor name should be set correctly (e.g. “Dassault Systemes v5”)

3. In order to obtain license denials and offline license information, the OpenLM Broker needs to be configured to read the DSLS log file. This file typically contains strings such as

“<feature name> not granted, no more available license… “ and the OpenLM Broker obtains this information from there .

3a. Highlight the “Log files” node, and click the ‘Add’ button. Select “log file”. The “log file definition” dialog opens.

3b. Select the ‘Other’ type

3c. Add a descriptive name (e.g. “my_dsls_log”)

3d. Fill in the full path for the DSLS log file.

3e. DSLS logs may be configured to change names periodically. In order to continue acquiring DSLS logs’ information, check the “Watch files by pattern” to intelligently seek for the subsequent log files.

DSLS indications in EasyAdmin

To check to see if the DSLS License Server interface is working correctly, please

1. Open the EasyAdmin web application.

2. Click EasyAdmin Start → Widgets→ License servers. The License Servers window appears. Verify that the configured license managers appear on the list. A green circle node indicates an active connection to a license server.

DSLS denials reports

DSLS denials will be presented in the EasyAdmin web application → Reports → Denials.


1.  DSLS denials should be acquired from the debug log from the moment of the OpenLM Broker configuration. They will not appear retroactively.

2. They are also subject to “True denials” filtering. That means that denials’ reporting will be delayed for a while, to assert that the user has not been granted a license in the meanwhile.

That’s it.

Your OpenLM system is now configured to provide DSLS licensing information. If you require further assistance on this subject, please contact support [at] , and our team will be glad to assist.