OpenLM Database migration - AN4025f - OpenLM Software License Management
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OpenLM Database migration – AN4025f

By default, OpenLM provides an embedded Firebird database as part of its basic installation.

Customers may want to migrate their tables to an external database, when they become too large for the embedded database to handle. OpenLM recommends considering migration when the Firebird database size approaches 1 GB.

Supported database types

OpenLM supports the following external database types: MS-SQL Server, Firebird Server, and MySQL. The OpenLM Data migration tool may migrate between any of these Database types to any other type (e.g. from the default embedded Firebird to the external MS-SQL Database).

Where do I get the OpenLM Database migration tool from ?

The OpenLM Database migration tool is not part of the standard OpenLM software package. Please contact OpenLM’s sales department in order to obtain a copy of this software.

Possible migrations types:

The possible database migration formats are as elaborated in the following table:

Source database Destination database
SQL Server SQL Server
MySQL SQL Server
Firebird SQL Server
SQL Server MySQL
Firebird MySQL


  1. The machine running the database migration process needs to comply with the following minimal hardware and software requirements:
  • 64 bit Windows 7/8/10 or Windows Server operating systems.
  • 8Gb RAM.
  1. Prior to applying any changes to the OpenLM database, stop the “OpenLM Server” service, and backup the active database.
  1. The migration process may be quite lengthy and time consuming. You may consider running it on the target database machine, to avoid network delay. In that case, you will need to apply the above to the machine hosting the target database, and have a local copy of the source database there.
  1. When migrating a default Firebird database to another database type (e.g. MS-SQL), download and install the latest version of the Firebird Server 2.5 on the source Firebird database machine.
  1. Make sure your OpenLM license enables data migration: In the EasyAdmin web application click ‘Start’ → ‘Administration’ → “OpenLM License”, and ensure that your preferred external database entry (DB_Firebird, DB_MS-SQL, DB_MySQL) is available, and the quantity is non-zero. If otherwise – please contact the OpenLM Sales department to arrange for such a license.
  1. Create a blank destination database.

Please note:

  • The user running the database migration tool must possess administrative read / write privileges on the destination database.
  • It is recommended to set the target database to be case sensitive.
  • For My_SQL databases, please run the script line:


in order to avoid the  “1175 you are using safe update mode …” error message.

  1. Upgrade your OpenLM system to the latest version available. Please consult the following documents.

For embedded Firebird databases:

Upgrade guide to Version 3: Embedded Database – AN4101a

For external databases:

Upgrade guide to Version 3: External Database – AN4101b

Migrating the OpenLM database

  1. In the ‘Services’ window, stop the “OpenLM Server” service for the duration of the database migration process.
  2. Obtain a copy of the migration tool zip file (Data, and unzip it
  3. Activate the batch file “run-gui.bat”, located in the “Data Migration” folder.
  4. Fill in the database connection details as required, with the source database on the left and destination database on the right.
  5. Choose “File” in the drop down list, labeled “Create From”.
  6. Click the ‘Start’ button, and check the migration progress by viewing the bottom scrolling log.

See the image below for clarification:


For additional clarification, please refer to the video tutorial:

Working with the newly migrated database

1. Open the “OpenLM Database configuration tool” (Windows’ start → All programs → OpenLM → Server → OpenLM database configuration), and point to the new database. See examples below for MS-SQL and MySQL databases:


2. Stop and start the OpenLM Server service.

That’s it !

OpenLM is now configured to work with your new Migrated Server database. For further information or support – please address