OpenLM Usage Analytics and customized license reporting - AN4060 - OpenLM Software License Management
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OpenLM Usage Analytics and customized license reporting – AN4060

What is the OpenLM Usage Analytics extension?

OpenLM Usage Analytics offers a way for our customers to get the most out of their database. This is done by executing custom automatic queries for manufacturing reports which can be implemented to suit any technical or business level reporting needs.

How does it work?

OpenLM Usage Analytics uses an ETL data engine and an OLAP cube architecture for collecting and storing relevant data.

Outlying procedure of the OpenLM Usage Analytics is as such:

  • Extracts specific data from the OpenLM database.
  • Transforms the data structure for the purposes of querying and analysis.
  • Loads the newly formed cubed data structures onto a data warehouse database.
  • Reports extract the relevant data from the data warehouse, to be calculated, customized and displayed in any format.
  • Usage Analytics server sends out specific, scheduled reports to predefined email addresses.

Benefits of the Usage Analytics system

  • Report scheduling – Schedule reports to be sent automatically to any pre-defined email address in any required format (e.g. CSV, PDF, Excel).
  • User specifications – Specify relevant report filters for each user and send the user-specific report to each member by email.
  • Custom fields – New reports and data inquiries which are not found in the OpenLM Easyadmin tool can be produced by the reporting system.
  • Custom calculations – The Usage Analytics platform allows for complicated and unique calculations to be done on pre existing data located in the OpenLM database.
  • Custom filters -Filters can be customized by custom calculated data fields.
  • Big data – Search huge databases quickly using data warehousing techniques.
  • Custom charts and graphs – Customizable charts which allows the user to view the data in infinite number of ways.
  • Robust usage resolution – Aggregate usage by different time span resolution.

Examples for customized reporting

Following are some examples for customized reports we have created for the purpose of demonstration.

Peak Usage

This graph presents the peak usage of specified licensed features per predefined intervals (e.g. days, weeks, months, years).


Usage Summary

This graph presents the total amount of hours that specified licensed features had been checked out, for the duration of a predefined period.


Average usage hours

This graph presents the average session length of a specified licensed feature, throughout a predefined period


Utilization percentage

This graph presents the utilization of licensed applications as part of the total number of licenses, throughout a predefined period.


How do I get the Usage Analytics and customized reporting extension ?

Currently, the installation and configuration of the Usage Analytics and reporting system requires the presence of an OpenLM support person.

Please contact our support team at , and our representatives will be glad to assist and guide you online.