The OpenLM Applications Manager - AN4058 - OpenLM Software License Management
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The OpenLM Applications Manager – AN4058


OpenLM has been addressed by numerous customers who expressed their concern regarding loss of control over software license checkouts. These customers complained they could not deal with excessive license consumption, resulting in unplanned expenditure or breach of licensing compliance.

OpenLM now presents the capability of directly intervening in the process of license drawing. We call this the “OpenLM Applications Manager”.

Benefit of the OpenLM Applications Manager

The OpenLM Applications Manager serves as a shell for vendors’ license managers. It provides intricate license management capabilities that are not provided by the vendors’ license manager.

It is designed with the users’ best interest in mind, and with the intention of returning control back to the software users.

The OpenLM Applications Manager interfaces the end-users workstations through the OpenLM Agents, and may be configured to intercept the launching of applications according to the predefined configuration.


The image below depicts a simplified block diagram of the OpenLM Applications Manager solution:


The OpenLM Applications Manager solution comprises the following four components:

The OpenLM Agent is a lightweight software component that should be installed on end users’ workstations. The OpenLM Agent:

  1. Monitors processes running on the workstation;
  2. Catches events of software launching;
  3. Provides the means to intervene in the execution of specific processes on the workstation.

The OpenLM Applications Manager is a Java application that acts as a hub to all OpenLM Agents. It needs to be installed on the same machine as the license server (e.g. FlexLM), adjacent the OpenLM Broker. The OpenLM Applications Manager:

  1. Is configured by the OpenLM Server;
  2. Obtains information from the Agents regarding active processes and software launching;
  3. Ascertains whether to grant permission, and enables the Agents to launch the software according to the said configuration.

The OpenLM Broker needs to be installed on the same machine as the OpenLM Applications Manager. This may, or may not be installed on the same machine as the License Manager (e.g. FlexLM license server) . The OpenLM Broker facilitates the connection to the OpenLM Server.

The OpenLM Server is the main OpenLM component. It:

  1. Provides an administrative interface to configure the OpenLM Applications Manager;
  2. Maintains the license usage information in a database;
  3. Provides a platform for reporting license usage.


All components are available for downloading in the Downloads section on the OpenLM site.

OpenLM Server

The OpenLM Server needs to be installed on a stable Windows’ machine, with stable network connection. Please refer to these documents for more information:

Installation guide for the OpenLM license management system: Complete – AN4010

Installation guide for the OpenLM license management system: Quick – AN4011

Follow the OpenLM Server’s installation wizard’s instructions to complete the installation, and make sure the  OpenLM Server service appears as Started in the Windows’ services list.


OpenLM Applications Manager

As mentioned above, the OpenLM Applications Manager is implemented in Java, and hence may be installed on any machine that runs a compatible operating system; e.g. Windows or Unix / Linux.

OpenLM Applications Manager – Unix / Linux installation

At the time of writing this document, the installation process for Unix / Linux OS is still in development.

OpenLM Applications Manager – Windows installation

Double-click the OpenLM Applications Manager installation icon to launch the installation wizard.

Follow the installation wizard’s instructions to complete the installation:

OPENLM Applications Manager SETUP

After installing the software, make sure the OpenLM License Manager service appears as Started in the Windows services list.

OpenLM Broker

The OpenLM Broker needs to be installed on the same machine as the OpenLM Applications Manager, on a stable Windows machine, with decent network connection. Please refer to these documents for more information:

OpenLM Broker Installation Guide: Comprehensive – AN4004b

OpenLM Broker installation Guide: Quick Reference – AN4004a

Follow the OpenLM Broker’s installation wizard’s instructions to complete the installation, and make sure the OpenLM Broker service appears as Started in the Windows’ services list

OpenLM Agent

The OpenLM Agent can either be installed manually per workstation, or silently distributed by a script: OpenLM Agent Silent Installation.

During the installation, users should choose to add the Applications Manager extension.

After installing the software on the workstation:

  1. The OpenLM agent icon will appear on the taskbar:    3
  2. Make sure the OpenLM Software Locker service appears as Started in the Windows’ services list.

OpenLM Server Configuration

In the OpenLM Server configuration tool, set up the OpenLM Applications Manager to be monitored as if it were any other license server:

  • fill in the OpenLM Applications Manager’s Server name and Port (e.g. localhost and 27080);
  • the OpenLM Applications Manager’s timezone;
  • a descriptive name (e.g. openlm_license_manager);
  • type: OpenLM Applications Manager;
  • click Apply and the ensuing Restart Now.


OpenLM Broker Configuration

Set up the OpenLM Broker to query the OpenLM Applications Manager as if it were any other type of license manager:

  1. Fill in the OpenLM Server name and port number (e.g. Localhost, 7016);
  2. Fill in the OpenLM Applications Manager name and port number (e.g. Localhost, 27080);
  3. The License manager type should be set to OpenLM Applications Manager;
  4. The Status and Data Inquiry should refer to the lmstat.bat batch file, e.g.: “C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenLM\OpenLM License Manager\lmstat.bat”
  5. Click the Apply and Restart Broker buttons.


In order to accumulate license denial information, configure the Broker to read the OpenLM Applications Manager log file. This log file has a similar format to that of FlexLM debug log files, and should be configured as such. The OpenLM Applications Manager log file is normally located at:

C:\ProgramData\OpenLM\OpenLM License Manager\logs\lm-log.log


OpenLM Agent Configuration

In order to enable the OpenLM Agent to intervene in the process of software launching, it must be configured as follows in the Agent Configuration interface. On the General tab:

1. Fill in the OpenLM Server’s name or IP (e.g. my_openlm_server) and Port number (default 7012);

2. Click the Check connectivity to OpenLM Server to verify this configuration.


On the OpenLM App Management tab:

1. Check the Enable checkbox;

2. Fll in the OpenLM Applications Manager’s details: Server name and Port (e.g. my_openlm_license_manager, 27080);

3. Check the connectivity to the OpenLM Applications Manager by clicking the adjacent button:


4. Click the Configure button to add or edit products that are to be managed by the OpenLM Applications Manager:

  • type in their descriptive name (e.g. ‘PlusPlus_name’)
  • type in the full path of the directory that contains their executable file (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++ which contains the file notepad++.exe);
  • assign an arbitrary code name (e.g. ‘PlusPlus_code’);
  • check the Enabled checkbox to select whether to intercept the launch of the product of interest (e.g. Notepad++ in this example);
  • click the OK button to apply the changes.


Configure the EasyAdmin Web Interface

In the EasyAdmin Web application, click Start → Administration → License Manager icon:

  1. Observe the Products that have been enabled on the OpenLM Agent OpenLM App Management (e.g. Notepad++, above); 
  2. Set a limit to the number of licenses, e.g. 4. Notes:
    • if all workstations have the OpenLM Agent installed on them with the demonstrated configuration, and are connected to the same OpenLM Server and OpenLM Applications Manager, the said configuration will limit the number of launched applications (e.g. Notepad++) to 4;
    • in order to set an unlimited number of licenses, so that OpenLM would not intercept the launch of the, set the limit to -1.
  3. Set the “bucket” policy resolution. In the case of Bentley, the resolution should be set to 1 hour;
  4. Set the Release Delay (min) parameter. This number represents the minimal session length in minutes, according to the specific license server. In the case of Bentley, this parameter should be set to 10 minutes, as Bentley considers the minimal session length to be 10 minutes. Note that this also means that Bentley considers every session that is longer than 50 minutes as consuming at least two ‘buckets’.

ADMINISTRATION – OPENLM Applications Manager

EasyAdmin Indications

  • launch a Notepad++ application on the end-user’s workstation;
  • observe the number of used licenses in the License Servers and Currently Consumed Licenses windows;
  • the OpenLM Applications Manager denial reports are available on the lm_log.log file, which is read by the OpenLM Broker (See above). Observe the EasyAdmin Start → Reports → Denials’window to view the license denials.


In case the limit has been reached, an appropriate message will pop-up, as depicted below: