ArcGIS Usage Monitoring and Management - OpenLM Software License Management
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ArcGIS Usage
Monitoring and Management

Today, there are many more licensing options than in the past and this raises questions like:

  • What licensing model is best for us?
  • Should we switch to a new licensing model or stay with what we have?
  • How many licenses do we really need?
  • How can I know if licenses are checked out but not used?

You want enough licenses to allow your geospatial users to work freely but no more than you really need

What can be done?

OpenLM is a software license monitoring and management system for engineering licenses.

It gives municipal departments the answers to the question raised above for ArcGIS and many thousands of other engineering software applications.

Using OpenLM will give you the information you need to make critical decisions about licensing model changes at any time.

OpenLM allows you to avoid unnecessary spending on your GIS software. See how – read about the benefits.

OpenLM License Manager for Engineering Licenses