Group Usage (Billing) - OpenLM Software License Management
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Group Usage

The Group Usage extension enables charge-back of license usage to cost centers based on groups


The Group Usage extension facilitates attributing license usage to different cost centers and improves the planning of license acquisition, maintenance and allocation. This can be done in a number of ways: manually, by uploading a CSV file, using the options file, or using the Directory Synchronization extension.

When used along with the last option, OpenLM can interface with a company’s directory service and synchronize to its Organizational Units (OUs) and users’ workgroups. Consequently:

  1. End-users are able to clearly identify users who are currently holding the licenses they need.
  2. License usage can be attributed to specific organizational units and workgroups.

There are 4 ways to incorporate users and groups into OpenLM:

Configure Group Usage – Manual
Configure Group Usage – Upload a CSV file
Configure Group Usage – Options File
Configure Group Usage – Active Directory

Prerequisites & System Requirements


The Group Usage extension requires the OpenLM Server and Directory Synchronization to be installed. Download these components here.

Check out the System Requirements here.