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Choose the best option for you as Autodesk is moving to Named Licenses  

Use OpenLM Reports to get accurate license usage information or use the data you have at the moment.


On average, we found that the ratio of OpenLM users is one floating license to 4 users.

Autodesk is moving away from network licenses – are you prepared?



Autodesk has decided to move away from traditional network (concurrent) licensing and will be forcing customers to make a tough decision without any supportive data. Our transition cost calculator can assist you to choose which option is right for you.

Their offer is that for each network license, customers get two named licenses in return – at a similar price that they’re already paying Autodesk.

If customers decide instead to not “trade in” their network licenses, they will need to pay an additional 20% on what they’re currently paying for maintenance in order to renew their network licenses for another year. After that year, Autodesk will not renew the maintenance for these licenses. Once that happens, customers’ options are reduced to either trade their network licenses for named licenses at a rate of 1:1, or continue to use them without maintenance.

The schedule for the move looks like this:

  • Last date to trade 1:2 or renew maintenance for 120% of current price – August 7, 2020
  • Last date to trade 1:1 – August 7, 2021


User/Licenses rate – the key to the right decision


The guiding factor for making a correct decision is the rate of user/licenses. On average, we found that customers of OpenLM use one floating license per 4 users. So a 1:4 network to named licenses ratio would the ideal.

In case the rate is 2:1 or less, the decision is simple: do the trade!

In case the rate is higher than 2:1 you need to carefully consider the offer from Autodesk as other alternatives could save your organization significant amounts of money. 


Your alternatives as a customer

Your Autodesk rep might try to describe a reality in which you actually have only one viable option: to switch to named licenses. This is not accurate. There are other alternatives: 

  1. Extend the network licenses for another year. Depending on the user/licenses rate, this might be an option that could save your company a huge amount of money. The higher the rate is – the bigger the savings.
  2. Use perpetual licenses without maintenance and updates. This might sound impossible but many companies actually do this. Most design projects will never upgrade their software before a project is finalized. Many people continue to use “old” versions of a software suite and prefer to continue using them as is. For many applications, this is a perfect solution.


The question is, which decision is best? The answer depends on where you currently are and where you’re planning to be. Autodesk Calculator can help you take the right decision.


Real Usage Data can be provided by OpenLM


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