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OpenLM has accumulated a great deal of experience in implementing on-premise license management solutions, monitoring application usage on our customers’ network. Now, as the world progresses towards cloud based solutions architecture, so do we. OpenLM now offers a SaaS (System as a Service) solution, enabling quick and effortless deployment of the OpenLM license management system.

Change – a scary word.

Even though there are numerous well established benefits for running OpenLM as a SaaS, we still find that many customers are generally reluctant to leave the comfort zone of monitoring their licenses from within the organization’s network. This sentiment presumably originates in distrust; Not having direct access to the OpenLM database, and submitting control over this data to the service provider requires a leap of faith. Or does it ?


In this article we would like to discuss the most common concerns, as raised from our discussions with users.


Security is the main concern raised by customers on their way to implement a SaaS solution. OpenLM takes complete measures to keep your data secure:

1. Location:

The OpenLM cloud servers are physically kept by a leading online server provider. They are maintained in a secured facility, and treated with the highest levels of security standards, both in the aspect of physical access and network security.

2. Transmission:

All communication between the OpenLM Broker installed on the license server and the OpenLM SaaS Server is conducted over HTTPS protocol: encrypted communication via SSL using 2048-bit certificates (as used by banking systems).

3. Database isolation

Taking security as a major concern we have designed the system not to use one central database for all customers. The OpenLM SaaS is implemented so that each customer populates a dedicated database. Each user relates to a specific account and can access the data from that account only.

4. In application security

OpenLM is designed as an enterprise-level tool. This feature requires managing a set of permissions per each individual that has access to the system. The OpenLM advanced Role Based Security system enables administrators to determine which resources are made accessible per each group of users. Reports, charts, data items and  license servers employ viewing and management permissions up to a fine grain resolution.

Low risk level

Having said all that, please consider the low risk level of having license usage information leaking out; OpenLM data only includes session – based data, i.e. user names, and the time of day they had used specific applications. This is operational information that can’t cause any damage to the organization, even if leaked.


According to recent surveys, almost 90% of the companies are already using public cloud for critical applications such as email, ERP, CRM and document management. Considering the painful cost that might be related to a leak of customer data, license usage information can safely be defined as “low risk”.

What if we want to switch to on-premise in the future?

No problem. You can get your private database at any point in time, and use it with an on-premise installation of OpenLM. Our principle is that the data belongs to you, and you are entitled to get hold of it on demand.

What if the internet connectivity is disrupted ? Might I lose information?

No. OpenLM will be able to report all your license activity. No information will be lost even if your network connection goes down for a few days.

Is the SaaS implementation limited ?

The SaaS platform provides nearly all the capabilities of the on-premise OpenLM system. At this stage it does not include LDAP synchronization capabilities, and OpenLM Agent – related capabilities.


Having reviewed all possible concerns related to the SaaS implementation, we can now observe the benefits:

  • Setting up the OpenLM SaaS is a breeze. A minimal installation of the OpenLM Broker is required on the organization’s license server, and OpenLM will take it from there
  • Maintenance and bug fixes are served automatically
  • Configuration is easily done using web interface
  • The OpenLM learning curve is brought to a minimum
  • No additional hardware is required to host the OpenLM Server
  • OpenLM provides a comprehensive solution: Hardware and Software
  • Full maintenance is done by OpenLM team
  • Small monthly cost

Get to know OpenLM SaaS

The structure is fairly simple. OpenLM will acquire license usage information from its brokers (Agents) on the organization’s license servers, and securely send it to the OpenLM Cloud Server. Please refer to this page for additional information.

Still doubtful ?

Please contact support at to discuss the pros in implementing OpenLM SaaS for monitoring your licenses. We are confident in our ability to address any concern.


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