OpenLM already supports customers on the cloud for the last four years, however we have recently completed an almost complete upgrade and are currently running on a completely new infrastructure.

Our efforts are based on the fact that many of our customers prefer OpenLM as a cloud-based solution instead of an on-premise solution.

What is new in OpenLM Cloud?

Our cloud solution is based on OpenLM version 6.0. This new code base runs on any platform. Our cloud is running on Linux, which allows us to provide a reasonable pricing and performance. 

The system also features a new identity system that uses Open Identity and OAuth 2.0 standards. A full list of new features is available in this article (link).

What are the limitation of OpenLM Cloud platforms

OpenLM Cloud currently has some limitations compared to our on-premises platform. Our team is presently working to bridge these gaps as follows:

  • OpenLM Report Scheduler – Q2 2021
  • OpenLM Agent – Q2 2021
  • OpenLM Role based security – Q2 2021

As you can see, we plan to close all the gaps within the next three months.

Manual vs. Automatic operational mode

Based on customer requests we have added support for manual upload for FLEXlm license servers. This request was made in order to avoid the requirement to install software during the first stage of implementation. 

Although real-time usage data is not provided in this mode, customers can upload their data and get ongoing usage charts and all other OpenLM reports. 

After installing OpenLM Brokers on the organization license servers, the system switches to automatic mode, providing real time usage information and other advanced features.

OpenLM Cloud operational costs

OpenLM Cloud offers customers an advanced enterprise system, while removing most of the burdens of keeping it updated. As part of the cloud service, the OpenLM team is fully responsible for maintaining all the components of the system including the servers and databases. The only components that our clients need to maintain are the agents. Some of the agents are complementary and may not be implemented.

This is the list of our Agents:

OpenLM Broker is OpenLM’s license server agent. It is a cross-platform application that can be installed on any operating system and that sends usage data from the license server to OpenLM Server. It is optional for some license servers, but highly recommended in most cases.

OpenLM end user agent is available as an option, and the organization may choose to install it on end user agents to enhance license utilization. The OpenLM End User agent is not currently available on the cloud, but we plan to support it on the cloud in the current quarter, the Q2 2021. 

Directory Synchronization Agent – Most of our medium and large customers synchronize OpenLM with their directory in order to get users and groups into OpenLM Server. This enables a number of features, such as cost center billing, license allocation, role-based security. The Directory Synchronization agent should be installed on an on-premises computer that has access to the domain controller and it relays information to OpenLM server. 

Typical configuration

The following figure illustrates a typical system configuration for OpenLM Cloud and an on-premises OpenLM implementation. As an example we used a company with three locations in three continents, as is typical of OpenLM customers.

The on-premises implementation might look as follows:

The On-Premises implementation includes all the elements of the system including the OpenLM Server component and the Directory Synchronization Service. These two server side components have databases that need to be secured and backuped.



The cloud implementation of the same system is significantly simpler. Agents need to be installed on each license server which reports directly to the cloud. DS Agent can be installed to synchronize directory data from the domain controller. Other optional agents can be implemented on end users workstations, also, reporting directly to the cloud.


OpenLM Cloud offers the same value to OpenLM customers while significantly reducing the operational costs of OpenLM.

OpenLM is an ideal solution for organizations that are distributed among numerous locations, and when users collaborate from different offices and from home.

Visit our website to learn and register on OpenLM Cloud.

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