OpenLM traditionally used sequence release numbers to mark new versions of the software (currently the latest is 5.6). As the number of our software components is constantly growing the ability to follow up with the current version of the software becomes complex and requires customer attention. 

Today we announce a change of policy that unifies the release number of our different software products. 

New unified version number

The new release number will be composed of the year, month, date, and build number as follows:

<year>.<month>.<date>.<hours minutes>

So the new release of OpenLM published on May 30 2021 at 10:30 will get the number:

As explained above we are aiming for the unification of all components to get the same release number.  All release components such as OpenLM Server, OpenLM Broker, OpenLM App Manager will have the same release number format.

Software updates

Each software update will get the version number according to the month it was released. For example, if we release an update in June the release number will be 21.06.xx.xx.

Compatibility between releases

OpenLM is making an effort to assure compatibility between releases of software but in some cases, we have to break compatibility, i.e. the new version can’t work with an older version of another component. 

For example, our new server version 21.05.xx.xxxx is able to support OpenLM Agent version 5 but it does not support broker version 5 and requires broker version 21.X.

Compatibility between our software releases will be documented here.


OpenLM unification enables our customers to easily know how updated their current software version is. Compatibility between software components will be also available on our website.

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