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OpenLM Community Guidelines

OpenLM Community was established in order to allow people to learn about OpenLM products and services. Since this community is globally available, we ask members to be respectful of different cultures, religions, and identities of all participants. Posting any harmful or discriminatory content* will result in its immediate removal or even member account suspension. Please follow the rules in this guideline and make sure to keep this place safe and friendly for all users.

Attitude: OpenLM community welcomes everyone on this platform and encourages its members to have constructive communication. Free and creative expression is highly encouraged.

Content: The placed questions and answers shall be related to community topics. Nudity, violence, inappropriate language, including harassment, profanity and vulgar language is strictly forbidden.

Advertising: The community is an exchange platform for information and best experience. Advertising, either text or display is not allowed. Any type of advertising will be deleted.

Security: Please do not share any personal information on our forums, as home address, phone number, email address or credit card information.

Copyright: Please upload/post your own work or content that you have permission to use.  Uploading other people’s work as if it is your own is copyright infringement.

*”Content” means text and any material, such as audio files, video files, electronic documents, or images that you upload or attach in your posts on OpenLM Community.

How to use the forums

  • Choose the most suitable forum for your content. Please post in the forum that’s most closely related to your issue. The probability to get the right answers is higher if you respect this rule.
  • Provide as much technical information as possible. The more information you offer about your issue, the quicker and better other community members will answer. If possible, try to post screenshots of the problem and more information about the system you are using.

Report bugs and submit product feature requests/feedback

We are sure you will encounter many supportive professionals in our community to answer all your questions. But for software bugs reporting or post suggestions on commercial products and services, please use the “Our Experts” Page and report these to our experts.


Breaking the rules mentioned above reserve us the right to change, delete the content or in some cases suspend the account.