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Don’t deny access from your users!

OpenLM allows you to manage access preferences among your users.


OpenLM offers a license monitoring and management tool that helps you relate to the actual needs of your organization end-users:

  • Alert real-time denials.
  • Single out and end idle sessions, freeing licenses back into the system.
  • Send license availability notifications to end-users.
  • Provide real-time and retrospective usage data, helping you to differentiate between the needs of your various end-users.

OpenLM - Stretching your licenses to their limits.

Daniel Avramov, GIS Team Lead,

Environment Canada

“OpenLM is the most important tool in the management of Environment Canada’s geospatial software assets. Over the past several years, Environment Canada has been working towards better coordination of the Department’s geospatial tool. OpenLM has given us the power to identify and optimize the Department’s investments and is instrumental in the decision making process for the purchase and maintenance of geospatial software. Now, instead of independently investing in duplicative and costly licenses, we have been able to consolidate and save time, resources and money. OpenLM staff are knowledgeable and friendly and most importantly know the value of client service. They went the extra mile to get their software configured on our infrastructure well before we ever committed to purchasing the software. The software is well designed, very easy to use and the summaries and statistics it provides far exceeds any other software management tool that we evaluated. OpenLM is extremely affordable and the cost saving it provided in licenses has made it pay for itself many time over. Thank you OpenLM team for your incredible product.”