Don’t get caught in denial! Justify acquisition of new licenses based on solid information provided by OpenLM. - OpenLM Software License Management
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Don’t get caught in denial! Justify acquisition of new licenses based on solid information provided by OpenLM.

Don’t get caught in Denial!

OpenLM present solid usage data, justifying acquisition of new licenses.


OpenLM offers a license monitoring and management tool that helps you demonstrate your organization actual need:

  • Provide real-time usage data according to license features and users.
  • Create a solid overview of your organization license usage, that will present usage trends and needs.
  • Reduce that gap between total amount of purchase licenses and actual usage.
  • Justify acquisition of licenses based on concrete need.


OpenLM - Stretching your licenses to their limit.


Kory Krofft, CAD Administrator,

Trimble Navigation Ltd, USA

“Trimble Navigation Ltd. Is a Silicon Valley based technology company with a wide product range whose core technology leverages the many applications for Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Customer solutions range from controlling earthmoving equipment and precision agriculture to fleet management and surveying.

Trimble’s engineering staff includes roughly 95 CAD system users whose CAD tools are licensed through a FlexLM floating license manager. It has been a long term struggle to properly allocate the costs associated with the CAD system tools such as new licenses and maintenance fees for existing seats to the proper departments.

Initially, OpenLM was investigated as a tool to track license usage so that the costs can be allocated to the specific groups within Trimble based on actual usage of the licenses provided. OpenLm’s “Groups” feature and reporting tools make this task as simple as constructing the report description. The output clearly displays the hours that each department is responsible for, making the allocation of costs simple and equitable.

In addition to the reporting capabilities, Open LM’s license monitoring allows CAD administration to easily see the status of multiple license servers and to remotely release hung licenses.

These capabilities have made administering the licenses a snap.”