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The OpenLM Server


The OpenLM Server is the core system element that integrates the software license management functionalities of all other peripheral system components.

We highly recommend that you also download the OpenLM Broker and the OpenLM Agent, as they are integral parts of the system. Please watch this video before installing the OpenLM Server and the OpenLM Broker.

If you prefer a cloud enviornment, the OpenLM SaaS service enables you to enjoy OpeLM’s license management benefits without the need to maintain software installation and updates on your hardware or decate a machine on your system for the OpenLM Server. Please watch this video before configuring your SaaS account.

The OpenLM Broker

(Optional License Server Agent)

The OpenLM Broker runs on the license server machine.
It is required for advanced license management capabilities.

The OpenLM Agent

(Optional End-User Agent)

The OpenLM Agent improves license availability, empowers users and provides advanced functionalities.

The OpenLM Router

(Premium Extension)

The OpenLM Router extension enhances license management and allocation capabilities.
To learn more about it, read this page or watch this video.

Previous On-Premise Version

(For Existing Customers)

You may download our previous version (3.1) here.
However, we encourage you to upgrade or download the most up-to-date (3.2) version.

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