EasyAdmin web interface; Single entry point, shared reports. - OpenLM Software License Management
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EasyAdmin web interface; Single entry point, shared reports.

The interface

The EasyAdmin web application is OpenLM’s administrative interface for configuring, reporting and sharing license server information. EasyAdmin provides the following:

  • License server and OpenLM Broker status.
  • One-glance status of critical feature over multiple license servers.
  • Alerts system messages.
  • Real-time usage reports
  • Historical usage statistics
  • System configuration capabilities

Single point

EasyAdmin is accessible from any machine on the network; just type in the OpenLM Server’s hostname on the URL line – and you’re there.


By default, EasyAdmin interfaces the OpenLM Server via a LightTPD; a lightweight Ethernet server, but can also be configured to work on IIS, with or without SSL. It is compliant with any standard internet browser, e.g.: Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Apple Safari & Google Chrome.

OpenLM administration and management levels may be configured by setting roles and permissions to EasyAdmin users.

Share your reports

OpenLM has recently added the ability to share a view (report) with a single click; Just Click the “Share” button on any report to get a link, and send this link to another EasyAdmin user to share the same presented information.