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External Database Extensions

The External Database Extension lets OpenLM record license usage data in an external database such as MySQL or SQL Server


The default OpenLM Firebird Database

OpenLM accumulates usage statistics from various types of license managers. It organizes this information in a relational database. By default, OpenLM uses an embedded Firebird DB which accommodates the requirements of small installations. The Firebird database is installed as part of the OpenLM Server setup.

Benefits of an external Database

An External database is recommended for managing large licensing schemes or when high performance is required. OpenLM has conducted internal experiments that have shown that external databases operated with superior performance to that of the default embedded database.

the external database support capability is provided by the External Database Support extension. The extension seamlessly supports databases such as MS SQL Server, MySQL and External Firebird.

In addition to a boost in performance, license administrators also enjoy the following benefits:

  • The information is stored on a database that is both familiar to the customer, and managed by them.
  • Customers may employ standard backup procedures to ensure OpenLM’s database functionality
  • Advanced OpenLM users may choose to develop their own reporting interface with the use of OpenLM APIs. Observing information in a familiar database will be an integral stage of developing and maintaining such functions

Supported database versions

The following database versions have been tested and are supported by OpenLM:

  • MSSQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019
  • Firebird Server 2.5.5
  • MySQL Server 5.7 and 8

For more information on supported versions, please refer to the System Requirements page.

For more information regarding migration to external database, please refer to this document.

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