Job - C# Software Developer - OpenLM Software License Management
USA +1 866 806 2068 | JAPAN +81 3 45208991 担当:萩原

C# Developer Position


The Company and Team

OpenLM is a leading software company in the area of engineering software license management, with unique products and functionality.

The server-side team is responsible for the processing of huge amounts of data on software license consumption for some of the world’s biggest organizations and employs advanced techniques and latest technology to support such demanding environments.

What You’ll Do:

You will work closely with other functions in the development team and with business analysts to implement new features, enhancements and fixes in the server software. The job will include design and development of new capabilities for dealing with huge amounts of data while also addressing challenging scalability requirements.


  • Excellent C# multithreading skills using .net 4.5 and higher
  • Excellent command of SQL
  • Ability to conduct unit testing at a high level.
  • Strong logical thinking capabilities
  • Team player
  • Experience with NHibernate – advantage


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