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Customer Relations Representative


Job Description:

Proactively contacting customers. Exploring how and to what extent the customer is using OpenLM. Inquiring about their views on OpenLM software, its functionality and support. Recording additional needs and issues. Reporting customer issues internally and following up their positive resolution.


  • Home-based in US

Minimum Professional Experience

  • 1 year

Reports To

  • Sales Manager

Personal Traits

  • Outgoing, warm personality
  • Independent and energetic with a thirst for achievement
  • At ease calling customers and developing a rapport with them

Skills and Qualifications

  • English mother tongue, other languages an advantage
  • Clear and confident speech
  • High quality verbal and written communicative skills, free of spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Ability to learn the business environment of the company’s products and customers and speak the appropriate business and technical language
  • Ability to learn quickly and continuously

Main Responsibilities:

  • Proactively contacting customers; initiating phone and email contact with customers and prospects
  • Learning the company business domain including needs, problems and products
  • Inquiring about customer’s needs and problems, arranging technical assistance on behalf of the customer
  • Learning customer’s experience and modes of usage of products
  • Diligent maintenance of CRM system, documenting all customer interaction
  • Regular and organized reporting of information back to marketing, sales and support
  • Investigation of additional sales opportunities
  • Attendance at events and trade shows