Broker commands not showing: TS-BR002 KB
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Broker commands not showing: TS-BR002 KB

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NOTE: This note only applies to older Broker versions (<1.7.x)


Upon start-up, the OpenLM Broker compiles lmutil commands that are installation specific. These commands would later be used for interfacing the license server, and sending information over to the OpenLM server. These commands are ‘Status’, ‘Data inquiry’, ‘Start’, ‘Stop’ and ‘Reread’.

The Broker has the capability of self extracting information regarding the License Server’s port, and the location of the License file and lmutil executables in order to compile the commands. At the time of writing this document, This capability is only available for Windows’ license servers (OpenLM Broker version 1.7xx).



The Command lines are blank



  • Unix servers: As mentioned above, auto compiling of lmutil commands is only available on Windows servers. Solution:
  1. Add a Windows License server and get the commands there.
  2. Modify the commands so that they comply with the Unix format.
  3. Following are the commands as they appear on my Windows Broker (as an example), followed by the respective Unix command templates:

Windows: “C:\PROGRA~2\ESRI\License\arcgis9x\lmutil” lmstat -c 27004@olm2008

Unix: /lmutil lmstat -c @licenseServerName

Data inquiry:

Windows: “C:\PROGRA~2\ESRI\License\arcgis9x\lmutil” lmstat -a -c 7004@olm2008 -i

Unix: /lmutil lmstat -a -c @licenseServerName -i


Windows: “C:\PROGRA~2\ESRI\License\arcgis9x\lmgrd” -z -c “C:\Program Files (x86)\ESRI\License\arcgis9x\Viewer9.lic”

Unix: /lmgrd -z -c


Windows: “C:\PROGRA~2\ESRI\License\arcgis9x\lmutil” lmdown -q -c  “C:\Program Files (x86)\ESRI\License\arcgis9x\Viewer9.lic”

Unix: /lmdown -q -c


Windows: “C:\PROGRA~2\ESRI\License\arcgis9x\lmutil” lmreread -c  “C:\Program Files (x86)\ESRI\License\arcgis9x\Viewer9.lic” -all

Unix: /lmreread -c -all

  • The automatic detection capability is only applied when a license manager is installed on the same machine as the OpenLM Broker. If no such installation is noted in the registry, no Broker commands would be automatically compiled.
  • In the OpenLM Broker’s installation folder, under the ‘tools’ directory (i.e.: C:\Program Files\OpenLM\OpenLM Broker\tools) there is a default lmutil executable file. This file is referred to when no other lmutil executable file is set. Note its existence in order to avoid problems arising from multiple code reference.
  • View the Broker.xml file under the Broker’s installation folder ( i.e.: C:\Program Files\OpenLM\OpenLM Broker) in order to extract information regarding the Broker’s whereabouts.


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