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Cleanup Manager module v4.3

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Cleanup Manager module v4.3


Cleanup Manager runs a background process that removes all entities from the OpenLM database deleting unwanted information. Such entities include groups and users that do not work in the organization or don’t use engineering licenses anymore.

Cleanup Manager also allows removal of irrelevant usage data (history). You can select time range to purge old information from the database.


1. Starting Cleanup Manager

In order to open cleanup tool, click OpenLM User Interface Start button and then Administration:

Then click on Cleanup Manager icon:

Cleanup Manager window will open with the following settings:

History: This option erases irrelevant usage data. Select time range to purge old information from the database.
Groups: Select ‘Groups’ to remove all group names that have not accumulated history usage in OpenLM.
Users: Select this option to delete all unnecessary users that have not accumulated history usage in OpenLM. Users which have accumulated active usage history will not be removed from the database.


2. Cleaning history

Make sure to have a backup of your data before cleaning the history in order to avoid its accidental loss.

To cleanup history of irrelevant data usage choose time range to delete old information using Start date/time and End date/time:

After you press Run button Cleanup Monitor window will open displaying cleanup results which can be cleared (Clear button), refreshed (Refresh button ) or exported (Export button):


3. Cleaning groups

To cleanup groups go to Cleanup Manager and press Groups radio button:

In Creation Sources dropdown menu choose:

[All] to select groups from all creation sources.

LDAP Sync for groups created in LDAP Sync application.

Manual to choose groups that were created manually in OpenLM User Interface.

Options File to cleanup groups from the Options File.

Press Run button to start cleanup. Confirmation window will appear:

Press Yes to confirm initialization of cleanup process.

Cleanup Monitor window will open showing removal results:

To delete cleanup results check removed groups (1) and press Clear button (2):

4. Cleaning users

To cleanup users go to Cleanup Manager and press Users radio button:

Select the following Creation Sources for Users from drop-down menu:

[All] – users from all creation sources will be selected

License Usage – deletes users who were detected by OpenLM when they checked out a license.
LDAP Sync – deletes users that were synchronized from the Active Directory/eDirectory/Apache DS and any other directory compatible with LDAP protocol
Manual – deletes users that were added manually in the OpenLM User Interface.
Options File – deletes users that were created from the options file.
Agent – deletes users that were added by the OpenLM Agent.
Router – deletes users that were added by the OpenLM Router.

5. GDPR Anonymize User Option

If you need to anonymize specific users and hide personal information, GDPR Anonymize User option offers this possibility. Not just username is changed but also Username, First, Last, Display Name, Phone and Email are replaced with value of GDPR_XXXXXXXX. Press GDPR Anonymize User button to start:

Select a user to anonymize (1) and then press Select button (2):

Note User ID under which the user will be known and press Run Anonymization button to continue:

Press Yes to confirm in Confirmation window:

Read the message in User Anonymization Summary window and note that OpenLM applications/features might still contain personal data of users that will need to be deleted manually.

Press Close button to continue:



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