Configuring Extensions – Group Usage – Upload a CSV file – HT857

Configure Group Usage – Upload a CSV file #


  • Please make sure you have a single OpenLM Server installation on a central network server.
  • Make sure you have Java JDK 8 installed on the server holding OpenLM Server.
  • Download and unzip the CSV insert tool on the same server as OpenLM Server.
  • Set JAVA_HOME variable.
  • Edit the file as followed:
    • login –> Your OpenLM Server admin username.
    • password –> Your OpenLM Server admin password.
    • csv.format.delimiter –> delimiter (Line seperator) of the csv file.
  • Save the changes.
  • Edit the file called groups.csv and fiil in the values as followed:
    • ID –> consecutive group ID (1,2,3,4….)
    • Name –> Name of the groups you wish to add.
    • ParentId –> ID of the parent group.
  • Edit the file called datasource.csv and fiil in user values as followed:
    • Input the users’s details –> UserName, FirstName, LastName, DisplayName, Title, Department, PhoneNumber, Description, Office, Email, Enabled, Projects, DefaultProject.
    • Groups –> Input group ID.
    • DefaultGroup –> Input group ID.
  • Double click the file Start import.bat.
  • Open OpenLM User Interface –> Start –> Users and Groups –> Users –> See the new users.
  • Click Start –> Users and Groups –> Groups–> See the new groups.
  • See the Reports of OpenLM.
  • Continue with configuring other OpenLM Extensions.


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