The Core OpenLM Agent - OpenLM Software License Management
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The Core OpenLM Agent

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OpenLM is a software license monitoring tool for a variety of concurrent license managers. It provides productivity tools for license usage optimization and application usage management.

OpenLM provides two main user interfaces:

  • The EasyAdmin web application is meant for managers and system administrators.
  • The OpenLM agent is meant for end-users. This document discusses the latter.

The OpenLM Agent is a lightweight optional software component that is installed on end users’ workstations. It provides a set of capabilities that empower end users, making them less dependent on system administrators. The Agent does not present a risk of negative impact on the organization’s network; It limits end users’ capabilities to a subset of safe actions according to their specific area of work.


Capabilities Provided by the Core OpenLM Agent

The OpenLM Agent provides a wide variety of productivity tools, affecting the working environment in many aspects:

Who’s Got My License?

End users are able to find out who’s got the license they need, and contact that person.


License availability notification

After the license pool has been exhausted and end users are denied from checking out further licenses, they would receive license availability notifications when these licenses have been made available again (see below). This option is enabled by checking the EasyAdmin Start → Administration → Agent Policy ”Available license notification” box.


Additional information

Additional information such as the Workstation IP is provided to the OpenLM Server by the Agent.



The OpenLM Agent is available in the Downloads section on the OpenLM site. OpenLM Agent can either be installed manually per workstation, or silently distributed by a script: OpenLM Agent Silent Installation. After installing the software on the workstation, an OpenLM agent icon will appear on the taskbar.


Agent Interface

Right click the Agent’s icon to display the following menu:


License usage information

The ability to query license availability from the end user workstation is a very important step towards improving license usability. The license usage window displays the total number of used, borrowed, and available licenses per license server. Click on a row to get the complete list of active users who are currently drawing on a specific license (e.g.: ArcView). Click on one of the user entries (e.g.: CPearson), and you will get the user’s details as are available on the OpenLM database.

The license usage status may be hidden from end users by checking the ”Hide license status query option” box, follow this path: EasyAdmin Start → Administration → Agent Policy.


OpenLM Agent Configuration form

At most cases, the OpenLM Agent would be  silently distributed among all workstations of a network. The OpenLM Agent Configuration form is designed to manually set and test the connection of a single workstation to the OpenLM server.

‘General’ tab

  • “Language” : Click the drop-down menu and select from the list of languages to be displayed in the Agent windows.
  • “OpenLM Server” : This is the OpenLM server, NOT the license (e.g.: Flexera FLEXnet) server.
  • “Port” : The communication port between the OpenLM Server and OpenLM Agent. The default is 5015. For more information, please read this document:  Changing ports numbers in OpenLM
  • “Use SSL” : use this option to use secure communication between the OpenLM Agent and the OpenLM Server. This process requires acquiring an SSL certificate, and should be performed by a system administrator. For more information – please consult this document.
  • “Logger configuration file” and “Logging level” The Agent’s Log file location and logging level are set here.
  • “Skip double instance alert” (Disabled by default): Avoid being notified when trying to open a 2nd Agent instance.
  • “Use local computer’s proxy settings” (Disabled by default) : Communicate with the OpenLM server via proxy.
  • “Maximum number of lines in the Agent Console”: The Agent Console is a useful debugging tool that accounts the status of the OpenLM Agent. In order to open it, follow this path: Windows’ Start → OpenLM → OpenLM Agent Console.


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