Creating a new external databases - KB4101e
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Creating a new external OpenLM databases (e.g. MS-SQL, MySQL) – KB4101e

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By default, OpenLM provides an embedded Firebird database as part of its basic installation.

Customers may want to migrate their tables to an external database, when they become too large for the embedded database to handle. OpenLM recommends considering a database migration when the database size approaches 1 GB.

Customers may also choose to start off with an external database, and not to bother with the data migration later.

These two motivations require a preparation of an OpenLM 3 schema for the external database.



The procedure of preparation of an External empty database schema for MS-SQL and MySQL is similar, and consists of the following stages:

1. Download and Install the latest OpenLM Server version. This will create a Firebird database.

2. Open the Microsoft SQL Server Management studio, and create a new empty MS SQL database, collated case insensitive.

3. Run the OpenLM Database Upgrade tool  (Windows Start –> OpenLM –> OpenLM Database Upgrade). This will produce the OpenLM tables within the external database.

4. Run the OpenLM Database Configuration tool (Windows Start –> OpenLM –> OpenLM DB Configuration), and point it to the external database you have just created.

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