DB has reached a critical size: TS-DB004 KB
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DB has reached a critical size: TS-DB004 KB

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OpenLM has popped a warning message stating that the Database “has reached a critical size”. This means that the default Firebird database has reached 1GB.



The OpenLM license monitoring and management tool accumulates usage information in a relational database. The default database type is the Firebird embedded database. This type is installed as an integral part of the OpenLM Server installation.


Meaning of this warning

Internal tests that we have conducted show that the OpenLM system performance may decline as the Firebird database increases in size, and we put in the 1GB indication to notify our users of this condition. This warning should not be regarded as a critical issue, but rather a recommendation to make the required preparations towards migrating OpenLM to an external database, such as MS-SQL or MySQL starting with 2012.


Migrating the OpenLM database

Support of external databases is not included in the basic OpenLM package. It is an extension that should be purchased separately. For more information on OpenLM database migration please refer to this document.

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