Configure File Fetching for Server 21 and higher - KB3455
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How to configure File Fetching for OpenLM Server 21 and higher – KB3455

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Installed Server (at least v21.11)
Installed Internet Information Services (IIS)


  1. Create a new folder on your machine where the reports will be saved (e.g. C://files).
  2.  Open ISS and go to Sites→ Default Web Site.

3. Click on Basic Settings…

4. In the opened window, fill in the address bar with a path to your folder from step 1 then click OK.

5. Go to C:\Program Files\OpenLM\OpenLM Server\bin and open appsetting.json file and modify section Fetch File:

Set ExternalFetch value to true to enable File Fetching.

SaveFolderPath – path to your created folder from Step 1

HostURL – your hostname where the OpenLM Server is installed ( !!! DO NOT add PORT)


"FetchFile": {

"ExternalFetch": true,

"SaveFolderPath": "c:\\files",

"HostUrl": "https://fqdn"


6. Save changes and restart the Server service.

7. Now when you are trying to download any report or file, your files will be downloaded not only in the Downloads default browser folder but in your mentioned folder as well.

Note: In case you get an error related to MIMEs,  follow the last step from this instruction

Configuring OpenLM EasyAdmin with IIS 10 on Windows Server 2016 – KB801

8. Select Default Web Site in IIS and make double-click on the “MIME Types” icon.

9. Click on “Add…” located at the top of the right-side panel.

Configure as follows:

File name extension: .*

MIME type: application/octet-stream

Add MIME Type with application/octet-stream

10. Click OK to add, then close the IIS manager.

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