Configure the Browser for Windows Authentication
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How to configure the Browser for Windows Authentication (v21 and higher)

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1. Identity Service configuration

1. Start Identity Service Browser UI.

2. Enable Windows Authentication in Authentication Tab.

3. Save the setting by clicking the Save button.

4. Restart Identity Service in Windows Service.

2. Browser configuration

Additional configuration is required on the web browser in order to avoid an authentication dialog window, such as this one:



2.1 For Chrome and Internet Explorer

2.1.1 Start the Internet Explorer browser

2.1.2. Select Tools → Internet Options

2.1.3 Click the ‘Security’ Tab

2.1.4 Click on “Local Intranet Zone

2.1.5 Click on ‘Sites’ → ‘Advanced’.

2.1.6. Fill in the local Intranet Site (e.g. and click on the ‘Add’ button.



2.2. For Firefox

2.2.1 In the Firefox address bar type “About:Config

2.2.2 Once passed the agreement prompt, type ‘network.negotiate’ in the filter box

2.2.3 Double click on the network.negotiate-auth.delegation-uris, and network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris as well.

2.2.4. Type in the local Intranet Site ( and click ‘OK’.


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