How to upgrade Reporting Hub – KB824 - OpenLM Software License Management
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How to upgrade Reporting Hub – KB824

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This document describes the upgrade process of the Reporting Hub


Upgrade process:


1. Download the latest ETL from here:

2. Save the license file and kettle file found in your current ETL installation.

kettle – “C:\…\ETL\kettle\.kettle\”

license – “C:\…\ETL\Jobs\License”


kettle file in the ETL installation


3. Place the ETL folder on top of the old one and have the folders merge.


 Placing the ETL folder on top of the old one and folders merginge.


4. Copy the license file you saved back to the folder “C:\…\ETL\Jobs\License”.

5. Copy the kettle file you saved and paste the connection parts to the file located in:


So the top part will be replaced with the configuration text from the old kettle file.


kept and replaced configurations


6. Set the variable “PostgreSQL_INCREMENTAL=Y” to be “PostgreSQL_INCREMENTAL=N

Then run the ETL using the “Run_ETL.bat” file, which will delete the old DB schema and recreate it.


Setting the variable "PostgreSQL"


7. After the ETL run is done, set the variable back to “PostgreSQL_INCREMENTAL=Y” to have it be incremental from now.


Setting the variable "PostgreSQL"


You can watch a video on the process, here:


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