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Install OpenLM Agent – HT822

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Install OpenLM Agent

OpenLM Agent may be installed on any number of workstations to enhance the end-user experience and control it, with the goal of obtaining additional information regarding license usage on individual workstations.

The capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Monitoring end-user application idle times
  • Releasing idle application sessions.
  • License availability interface for end-users.
  • License availability notifications for end-users.
  • Reporting on IP.
  • Project usage reporting.
  • Workstation availability reporting.

The OpenLM Agent needs to be installed on the workstation itself, using the following methods :

Install OpenLM Agent

Install OpenLM Agent using a Windows installer

Rollout OpenLM Agent using Command Promped (Silent)

Rollout OpenLM Agent using System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

Rollout OpenLM Agent using Group Policy (GPO)

Configure OpenLM Agent Basic Functionality

After installation, proceed with configuring the OpenLM Agent functionalities:

Configure OpenLM Agent

Configure Basic Functionality

Configure Extension – Actual Usage

Configure Extension – Active Agent

Configure Extension – Project Usage





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