Install OpenLM Broker - Linux - HT820 - OpenLM Software License Management
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Install OpenLM Broker – Linux – HT820

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OpenLM Broker – .tar.gz packaging installation

Make sure you have a single OpenLM Server installation on a central network server and that Java 11 is installed on your machine.

  1. Download the latest version of “OpenLM Broker” for Linux.
  2. Extract the archive:
    tar -xzf OpenLM_Broker_4.9.0.60.tar.gz -C /opt/OpenLM/
  3. Navigate to the directory where it was extracted
    cd /opt/OpenLM/OpenLM_Broker_4.9.0.60/
  4. Open the file in a text editor (e.g nano):
  5. Edit the following variables and save the file:
    1. BROKERSRVNAMEUSER – if you want to run the Broker process under a user different than root (make sure the files inside the Broker folder also have the appropriate user set as owner)
    2. JAVA_HOME – the path to the JDK or JRE 11 (e.g. /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk)
  6. Install the Broker with:
    sudo ./ install
  7. Check it’s status:
    sudo ./ status
  8. Run the detection script:
    sudo ./ broker.xml <Hostname/IP of OpenLM Server>
  9. Restart the Broker service:
    sudo ./ restart
  10. Open the OpenLM EasyAdmin user interface and approve the new license managers there.


2. OpenLM Broker .rpm packaging installation

  1. Obtain the latest version of “OpenLM Broker” for Linux.
  2. Install the Broker:
sudo ./sudo rpm openlm_broker_21.8.26.1126.x86_64.rpm


Other useful commands

1.Check other OpenLM components 

sudo rpm -qa|grep openlm installed on your machine


2.Check the content of the service folder

ls /etc/systemd/system


3. Check the status of the service

sudo service broker status


4. Upgrade the program

Sudo rpm -e openlm_broker_21.8.26.1126.x86_64.rpm


5. Uninstall the program

sudo apt-get purge -U openlm_broker_21.8.26.1126.x86_64.rpm 


(Optional – if you have a GUI):

Run the visual configuration tool with:

sudo ./ config


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