Install OpenLM External Platform – HT881

Install OpenLM External Platform #


  • Make sure you have filled the following requirements:
    • The OpenLM ServiceNow application exists in your ServiceNow account.
    • A working installation of OpenLM Server v4.6 or higher.
    • OpenLM Server configured to use either MySQL (5.7 or 8) or  MSSQL (2012 and up).
  • Download the latest OpenLM External Platform.
  • Double click the installer file –> check the box I agree to the license terms and conditions –> Click Next.
  • Choose destination –> click Next –> Click Finish.
  • Windows Start Menu → pick folder OpenLM → select OpenLM External Platform Configuration.
  • Make sure port 5005 is open, by following this guide.
  • Access the OpenLM External Platform Interface (by default: http://localhost:5005/)
  • OpenLM Server URL – Enter the URL leading to the OpenLM Server. Default: port 5015 (E.g. http://localhost:5015)
  • Activate Requires Login Credentials if OpenLM is protected by a username and password.
  • Enter the OpenLM Server’s login credentials (username and password) if required.
  • Click Test Connectivity.
  • (optional) If Domain Separation is activated on your instance, follow the post installaion steps described here.
  • Also see full documentation.
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