Install OpenLM Server – HT862 - OpenLM Software License Management
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Install OpenLM Server – HT862

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Install OpenLM Server

Make you sure have installed the .NET Core Runtimes listed on the system requirements page.

  • Download the latest version of OpenLM Server to a network server.
  • Double click the downloaded installer file
  • Check the checkbox I agree to the license terms and conditions then click Next.
  • Select your desired destination folder and click Install.
  • Click I don’t have OpenLM license file and fill in your details.
  • If you already have it, click I already have OpenLM license file and browse for the file.
  • Click Next.
  • Close the wizard.
  • Continue with Installing OpenLM Broker.
  • See the Reports of OpenLM.
  • Also see full documentation.
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