Installing two instances of Applications Manager in parallel

The following document describes how to install 2 different instances of Applications Manager in parallel on the same Windows machine.


1. General overview of procedure #

Installation of parallel Applications Manager entails the following:

  • Setting up 2 different ports (for example 27080 and 27081) for each Applications Manager on OpenLM Agent and Broker;
  • Creation of a new folder, copying contents of existing Applications Manager settings and adjusting them.


2. Setting up the Applications Manager application #

  1. Setup a machine with Applications Manager up and running.
  2. Stop the Applications Manager Service.
  3. Create a new folder named OpenLM App Manager2 in C:Program Files (x86)OpenLM.
  4. Copy contents of C:Program Files (x86)OpenLMOpenLM App Manager to C:Program Files (x86)OpenLMOpenLM App Manager2.
  5. Open file in the OpenLM App Manager2 folder.

                   5.1 Set the port=27081.
                   5.2 Make sure that all other settings are correct in this file.
                   5.3 Save this file.

6. Rename OpenLMLicenseManager.exe to OpenLMLicenseManager2.exe in Bin folder.

7. Rename OpenLMLicenseManager_x86.exe to OpenLMLicenseManager2_x86.exe.

8. Edit Uninstall Service.bat file in the same folder to “OpenLMLicenseManager2_x86.exe” //DS//OpenLMLicenseManager2

9. Install Service.bat file in the same folder Bin should look like the one below. Changes made to the original file are highlighted in bold:

@SET LOG_DIR="%~dp0..logs"

"OpenLMLicenseManager2_x86.exe" //IS//OpenLMLicenseManager2 --DisplayName="OpenLM App Manager2"^

 --Description="OpenLM App Manager2"^


 --Jvm="C:Program Files (x86)OpenLMOpenLM App Manager2jrebinserverjvm.dll" --StartMode=jvm --StopMode=jvm --Startup=auto --Classpath=openlm-app-manager-1.8.3.jar^

 --StartClass=com.openlm.shadowlm.Main --StartMethod=start^;;-Dopenlm.log.dir=%LOG_DIR%^

 --StopClass=com.openlm.shadowlm.Main --StopMethod=stop^

 --StdOutput=auto --StdError=auto --StartPath "%~dp0.."^

 --LogPath=%LOG_DIR% --LogPrefix=openlm-app-manager


11. Double click OpenLMLicenseManager2_x86.exe and set it to proper Java Runtime Environment.10. Now run the InstallService.bat file and verify if a new Service OpenLM App Manager2 was created in Windows Services.OpenLM Applications Manager

12. Open lmstat.bat file in the OpenLM App Manager 2 folder and set port=27080 to port=27081 (port number is set as example. The port should be the same as in step 5).

13. After these steps there will be 2 parallel instances of Applications Manager with the same database. It is recommended to delete existing database for the newly added Applications Manager.

14. Go to Windows Services and start OpenLM App Manager and OpenLM App Manager2 services.

OpenLM Applications Manager


3. Setting up OpenLM Broker #

  1. Open the Broker Configuration form
  2. Add a new Applications Manager License Manager port 27081:

OpenLM Broker

Note: You will also have to copy License file from the original AppManager (C:Program Files (x86)OpenLMOpenLM App Managerlicense) into new AppManager…license folder.

    3. Go to Commands menu under Port 27081 and set path for commands to C:Program Files (x86)OpenLMOpenLM App Manager2 in both commands menus:

OpenLM Broker

  1. Click Update button to save changes.
  2. Set log file path under Log Files menu to C:Program Files (x86)OpenLMOpenLM App Manager2logslm-log.log:

OpenLM Broker

  1. Press Apply button and then Restart Broker.
  2. Click on the status command for added port 27081.
  3. Click Execute button.

OpenLM Broker

  1. Make sure that you get successful response in the form:

<SERVER name=”…” port=”27081″ request_time_utc=”…” server_status=”ok”/>

10. In case you get a similar error message please contact OpenLM support:


4. Setting up the License Server #

  1. Run the OpenLM Server configuration tool from Windows Start menu, press License Servers menu and click Add Server button (2):

OpenLM Broker

  1. Select OpenLM Applications Manager type from drop-down menu.
  2. Type in the same Hostname and Port as Host Name/IP and port in OpenLM Broker application and insert Port 27081 (as example).
  3. Press Apply button and restart now.


5. Viewing 2 Applications Managers in the OpenLM User Interface #

  1. Before viewing 2 instances of Applications Manager, go to Windows Services and start the services OpenLM App Manager and OpenLM App Manager2 
  2. Then go to OpenLM User Interface ->Start->Administration and click OpenLM Applications Manager:

OpenLM User Interface

 3. In the opened window there will be two parallel Applications Managers in the left part of the screen:

OpenLM User Interface


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