Interface with SEH-UTN– HT850 - OpenLM
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Interface with SEH-UTN– HT850

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Interface SEH-UTN Using OpenLM Broker


  • Be sure to install OpenLM Broker on the license server.
  • Also make sure you have a single OpenLM Server installation on a central network server.
  • Open up the OpenLM Broker Configuration tool.
  • Select the OpenLM Servers directory icon –> Add –> Select localhost.
  • Configure OpenLM Server hostname.
  • Click Check connectivity to OpenLM Server –> Click Apply.
  • Click on the license server hostname tab.
  • Click Add port if port not already present in the list on the left.
  • Click on the vendor port under the License Servers directory icon.
  • License Manager Type –> Select SEH-UTN.
  • Click on the Commands tab –> Set path to the vendor’s utnm.exe file –> Click Update.
  • Click on the Vendors tab  –> Add Vendor if no vendor listed below  –> Click on the listed vendor.
  • Name –> Input SEH-UTN..
  • Click Apply.
  • Click Restart Broker –> Click OK –> Close the tool.
  • Make sure you have a single OpenLM Server installation on a central network server.
  • go to the server which hosts OpenLM Server.
  • Windows Start button –> All Programs –> OpenLM –> OpenLM EasyAdmin User Interface.
  • OpenLM User Interface Start button –> select Widgets –> Click on License Servers.
  • Click Approve on the top red line reprisenting the license manager you configured.
  • Open up Windows services and restart the OpenLM Server service.
  • Please note that it might take up to 3 minutes for the license manager to become online in OpenLM.
  • For added functionality, you can also install the OpenLM Agent or evaluate the OpenLM Extensions.
  • See the Reports of OpenLM.
  • Also see full documentation.
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