Interface with Sentinal HASP - HT832 - OpenLM Software License Management
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Interface with Sentinal HASP – HT832

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Interface Sentinel HASP

  • Make sure you have a single OpenLM Server installation on a central network server.
  • Windows Start button –> OpenLM –> OpenLM Server. This opens up the OpenLM Server Configuration tool.
  • Select License Servers –> Click Add.
    • Type  –> Select HASP.
    • Description  –> Name the server.
    • Time Zone  –> Select the license server time zone.
    • Type in the license server’s Hostname and vendor Port number.
    • Is Triad Configuration –> Select if true.
    • Make sure Use Broker is unchecked.
    • Make sure Read license file is unchecked.
    • Open the Sentinel Hasp Admin Control Center port on firewall (default 1947).
    • Open the tool Sentinel Hasp Admin Control Center –> Basic Settings tab  –> Configuration tab –> check the box to Allow Remote Access to ACC.
  • Click Apply.
  • For added functionality, you can also install the OpenLM Agent or evaluate the OpenLM Extensions.
  • See the Reports of OpenLM.
  • Also see full documentation.
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