Monitoring the CodeMeter license manager with OpenLM

OpenLM supports license monitoring of a wide and ever-growing variety of license managers. This document describes the basic procedure for configuring the OpenLM server to interface with a CodeMeter license manager in order to monitor license usage and extract CodeMeter license usage statistics.

1. Installation

The OpenLM system components are available for download on the OpenLM site. For the bare minimum, the latest OpenLM Server should be installed. OpenLM Broker is an optional but highly recommended component that can be installed on the license server machine for additional monitoring features (such as Denials) and remote control over the CodeMeter server.

2. Monitoring capabilities and features

The current monitoring capabilities available for CodeMeter through the OpenLM Broker are as follows:OpenLM collects license totals, license usage data, and denials. A denial entry describes that a user requested a license but did not get one because no more licenses could be allocated.

When querying the license manager through OpenLM Broker, administrators get additional benefits such as:

  • Buffered communication with OpenLM Server in order to overcome temporary network failures
  • Remotely start/stop the license manager service
  • 1-minute resolution for license usage reports.
  • Denials reports – at this stage, OpenLM supports only one denials type – LIMIT REACHED. Only the Event WB0212 (NO MORE LICENSES) in the CodeMeter log file means a Denial in the OpenLM Server report.

3. Monitoring the Codemeter with OpenLM Server only

In order to configure OpenLM Server to monitor the CodeMeter License Manager:

1. Access your EasyAdmin User Interface.

2. Navigate to Start→Administration→License Manager Servers. Click Add LM in the upper left corner. Add License Manager window appears.

3. In the Display Name field input the desired License Manager Name. Make sure the “Enabled” toggle is turned on.

4. From the “Type” dropdown list, select CodeMeter. Make sure for this configuration (monitoring with OpenLM Server only), the Use Broker toggle is turned off.

5. Submit an appropriate Hostname and Port number (default: 22350).

6. Select the Time Zone that matches CodeMeter’s license server location.

7. Keep the “Is Triad Configuration” toggle disabled.

8. Click SAVE.


At this point, the configuration is complete, please follow step 5 from this document.


4. OpenLM Broker Configuration for monitoring CodeMeter

In case the OpenLM Server is not installed on the same machine as the CodeMeter server, OpenLM Broker will have to be installed on the CodeMeter server machine in order to query the CodeMeter license usage locally.

Also, please make sure the CodeMeter logging:

To configure OpenLM Broker to interface with the CodeMeter license server:

1. Navigate to your OpenLM Broker web UI by accessing http://localhost:5090/→ License Managers tab.

2. Click Add License Manager. A pop-up window will appear.

3. Enter the CodeMeter Port Number (default: 22350) and select “CodeMeter” from the License Manager Type drop-down menu.

4. Click ADD. You will be directed to the Commands tab.

5. In the Executable path field type in the location where CMU32.exe file is located (typically located in C:Program Files (x86)CodeMeterRuntimebin). Click Execute and make sure the output is valid and the OpenLM Broker can query the CodeMeter license server.