Interfacing EPLAN using the EventLog Monitor – HT866
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Interfacing EPLAN using the EventLog Monitor – HT866

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These instructions are valid for older versions of OpenLM Broker. If you’re running OpenLM Broker v4.8.8 or higher, please consult this document instead.


  1. Make sure you have EPLAN License Manager Professional installed.
  2. Install OpenLM Broker on the license server.
  3. Make sure you have a single OpenLM Server installation on a central network server.
  4. Download and unzip the EventLog monitoring tool and open up the folder.
  5. Make sure to download and install Java JDK, then set the JAVA_HOME variable.
  6. Edit the file and fill in the following:
    • server –> license server hostname.
    • port –> Fill in the vendor port number.
    • vendor –> EPLAN
    • monitored.log –> Full path and filename used for the log file. (Create it if does not exist)
    • sync interval –> Fill in 60
    • license.manager –> EPLAN
    • eplan.elmmonitor.path –> Full path to the license manager’s ElmMonitor.exe file. Note: If you cannot locate it, you must install the License Tools add-on, which can be found on your EPLAN installation media at ELM\License Tools (x64)\setup.exe or obtained from the EPLAN website.
    • Save changes.
  7. Navigate to the EventLog tool (C:\…\EventLog_Monitor\service\x64) –> Double click Install Service x64.bat
  8. Open up Windows services –> Make sure the LogMonitorService service is up and running.
  9. Open up the OpenLM Broker Configuration tool on the license server.
  10. Select the OpenLM Servers directory tab–> Add –> Select localhost.
  11. Configure OpenLM Server hostname.
  12. Click Check connectivity to OpenLM Server –> Click Apply.
  13. Click on the license server hostname tab.
  14. Click Add port if port not already present in the list on the left.
  15. Click on the vendor port under the License Servers directory tab.
  16. License Manager Type –> Select OpenLM Generic.
  17. Click on the Commands tab –> Click on the Status tab  –> Input parameters and full path of the vendor’s lmstat.bat file, like so:
    • cmd /C “C:\…\EventLog_Monitor\lmstat.bat”
    • Click Apply.
  18. Click on the Commands tab –> Click on the data_inquiry tab –> Input parameters and full path of the vendor’s lmstat.bat file, like so:
    • cmd /C “C:\…\EventLog_Monitor\lmstat.bat”
    • Click Apply.
  19. Click on the Vendors tab  –> Add Vendor if no vendor listed below  –> Click on the listed vendor.
  20. Name–> Input EPLAN –> Click Apply.
  21. Click on the Log Files tab  –> Add Log if no log listed below  –> Click on the listed log.
    • Type –> Select the log file type.
    • Name–>Name the new log listing.
    • Path  –> Full path to the configured log file. (Create it if does not exist).
    • Vendor –> select the vendor name.
  22. Click Apply.
  23. Click Restart Broker–> Click OK –> Close the tool.
  24. Go to the server which hosts OpenLM Server.
  25. Windows Start button –> All Programs –> OpenLM –> OpenLM User Interface.
  26. OpenLM User Interface Start button –> select Widgets–> Click on License Servers.
  27. Click Approve on the top red line reprisenting the license manager you configured.
  28. Open up Windows services and restart the OpenLM Server service.

Other notes

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