LDAP Connector Configuration

What is #


LDAP Connector can save User and Group entity data from Source Directory to Amazon S3 or SQS. This is convenient if you would like to make use of entity data for your own solution (ex: Software). Very useful for Software Vendors.


Prerequisites #

  • OpenLM Cloud Registration
  • Directory Sync Activation and Configuration if you would like to sync with OpenLM Server DB.
    (Not necessary if you just want to sync with Amazon S3 or SQS only)
  • LDAP Connector Activation in the Cloud Portal

Configuration #


  • Set up a destination System in LDAP Connector.
    You can register multiple systems. Check connectivity.
    Amazon S3
    Amazon SQS
  • Go to Directory Sync and manually run Sync.
  • In case this doesn’t trigger LDAP Connector, please delete all entities from Directory Sync Database once and run Sync from scratch.
  • User and Group entities are saved and synchronized in the registered destination systems.


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