Migrating Database - HT801
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Migrating OpenLM Database – HT801

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By default, OpenLM provides an embedded Firebird database as part of its basic installation. Customers may want to migrate their tables to an external database, when they become too large for the embedded database to handle. OpenLM recommends considering migration when the Firebird database size approaches 1 GB.


Migrate OpenLM Database

      • Backup the OpenLM database (Embedded,  MySQL,  SQL Server).
      • OpenLM User Interface → Start → Administration → OpenLM License → ensure that your preferred external database entry is available.
      • Create a new blank destination database.
          • For MSSQL databases
              • change the database collation to case sensitive (CS).
              • Make sure to connect using an SQL Server Authenticated user.
              • Make sure the user is permitted to read, write and change the database.
      • For MySQL databases:
            • Use this creation script: CREATE SCHEMA `openlm_database_name` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8mb4;
            • Run the script SET SQL_SAFE_UPDATES = 0 on the blank database.
      • Download the Migration Tool and unzip it.
      • Open up Windows services and stop the OpenLM Server service.
      • Run Upgrade OpenLM Database from earlier versions
      • Select the blank destination database.
      • Navigate to the Data Migration folder and activate run-gui.bat.
      • Fill in the database connection details as required (source on the left and destination on the right).
      • Click the Start button, and check the migration progress by viewing the bottom scrolling log.
      • Open up the OpenLM Database Configuration tool (located on the server that holds OpenLM Server)
      • Fill in the new database details.
      • Click Next and wait for the window to disappear.
      • Also see full documentation.
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