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How to use OpenLM Cloud with the Broker


  • Access the OpenLM Website –> Downloads –> Cloud Login
  • Fill in the registration form –> register to service.
  • You’ll receive an email confirming the registration –> Click the activation link.
  • A second email has been sent to your mailbox with username and password
  • Click log in –> type in the username and password –> Change password.
  • Go back to your Cloud account –> Follow the Broker Initial SetupTour
  • Go back to the license server and install OpenLM Broker on it.
  • Open up the Broker   –> OpenLM Cloud Server–>  Click Add
  • Click Import Broker Authorization file –> Select the downloaded file.
  •  Click Check connectivity to OpenLM Server –> Click Apply –> Restart Broker
  • Access the OpenLM Cloud portal –> Log in –> click on the “there are X license servers pending approval” –> select the ones that require approval.
  • Double click on it to approve.

Manual configuration:

  • Fill in the details below:
    • Drag and drop the license file.
    • Name –> Descriptive name for the license manager.
    • LM Type –> Select the license manager type you are monitoring.
    • Time Zone –> Select the license server time zone.
    • Read License file –> check the box if a vendor-supplied license file is configured on the Broker then
    • Is Triad –> Is this a server with a redundancy scheme.
    • Hostname –> License Server hostname.
    • Port –> Vendor port on the license server.
    • Click OK.
  • Continue with configuring license managers to be monitored by OpenLM.
  • See the Reports of OpenLM.
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