OpenLM SaaS Implementation - KB3052
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OpenLM SaaS Implementation – KB3052

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OpenLM – General

The OpenLM software provides a comprehensive license monitoring and management solution for a variety of license servers, e.g. FlexLM, Sentinel RMS, DSLS etc. OpenLM provides productivity tools for system administrators, Software Asset Managers, and end users.

OpenLM structure overview

OpenLM’s basic software package includes the core OpenLM Server module and its user interface; the OpenLM EasyAdmin module. The OpenLM Server queries the License server for license usage information, and accumulates the data in a relational database. The OpenLM Server can address the License Server either directly or through another OpenLM component: the OpenLM Broker. Please refer to this document for a broader explanation about OpenLM components. A simplified diagram of the basic OpenLM system structure is provided below:


SaaS: OpenLM as an online Service

Software as a Service (abbreviated  SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model in which the software is remotely hosted and licensed upon subscription. Organizations turn to SaaS in order to outsource hardware and software maintenance and reduce IT costs. OpenLM has implemented OpenLM SaaS  following this trend, enabling organizations to implement their systems with minimal installation and maintenance efforts.

OpenLM SaaS Architecture

The OpenLM SaaS architecture is based on the following components:

  • SaaS Management Layer
  • OpenLM Servers’ Layer
  • SaaS Database Layer


As demonstrated in the image above, the OpenLM SaaS system has a single entry point – the OpenLM SaaS manager (red block). The SaaS manager validates and directs data from the license servers via the OpenLM Servers’ layer to the Data layer. The Data layer consists of client – dedicated relational DBs. The OpenLM Servers’ layer  and Data layer are secured from external access and therefore not vulnerable to attacks.

The SaaS management layer

This layer implements the SaaS management functionality and the customer management interface. It accommodates the multi tenant database architecture, and manages the OpenLM Servers’ layer load balancing. The main functionality of this layer is:

  • Management of all OpenLM Servers
  • Management of the customers’ dedicated databases
  • Validating requests, sending them to the OpenLM Servers’ Layer and returning results to the requesting users
  • Providing a management console for the user
  • Provide a management console for the SaaS administrator

OpenLM Servers’ layer

This layer consists of multiple OpenLM Servers that execute requested Database queries as generated by the client. The OpenLM Servers act as slaves to the SaaS management layer and perform database queries by accessing the appropriate customer database.

The multitude of OpenLM Servers in this layer serves to accommodate simultaneous data flow to and from multiple customers.

OpenLM Database layer

The database layer consists of a database server that serves multiple customer – dedicated databases. Each customer’s database is private and does not contain any public information. The advantages of this method are:

  • Enhanced performance
  • Enhanced security.
  • Facilitate on-premise to cloud based implementation and vice-versa.

Customer domain requirements

When implementing a SaaS configuration, the OpenLM Servers’ do not directly query the customers’ License Servers for data usage information. Instead – it is the OpenLM Broker that does so. This is the only required installation on the customers’ network. Also access to the communication port used by the OpenLM Broker (default 7016) needs to be enabled by network security (firewall access).


At the time of wiring this document (Dec 2014), the current SaaS version does not provide the functionality of the OpenLM Agent.


Rather than installing OpenLM on the organization’s network and dealing with Database backup and integrity, OpenLM now offers a light-weight installation procedure for monitoring your valuable floating licenses. Please contact the OpenLM support team in order to register to the SaaS Service.

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